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  •  There are well over 30,000 fuel retail outlets all over India, the majority of which are run by public sector oil companies
  • India has more than 17,000 petrol stations divided between state-run firms, Indian Oil Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd and Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd. HPCL and BPCL are scheduled to be privatised later this year, giving foreign and local firms another means to enter the retail market. India has 17 refineries that process 2.3 million barrels a day. The country imports about two-thirds of its crude oil needs.
  • India is the third-largest automobile market in the world after China and the USA
  • Old-fashioned Indian service stations feature long queues, cars jockeying for position, oily forecourts and hand operated petrol pumps
  • Reliance stopped at around 1,300 stations when it started to lose money, due to the government’s policy of influencing prices.
  • Shell operates 35 stations
    in southern India
  • The government subsidizes India’s NOCs to compensate for below-market prices
  • Fuel retailing in Singapore, has moved towards providing convenience stops for customers, like the model that prevails in Europe and North America. India is likely to follow in the same direction, especially in cities.
  • The commercial viability of the proposed Fuelling Station depends on the following factors
    i) Location of the project is of prime importance.
    ii) Selection of proper equipment and staff would be required to run project successfully.
    iii) Continuous efforts should be made for up-gradation of the technology.
    iv) Keeping in view the current market structure, the most important factor for the success of the project would be the quality of services provided to the customers in order to get a comparative advantage.
Fuels to Fill in Stations background data
  • Petroleum Statistics - India
  • Status Report - India
  • India Hydrocarbon vision - 2025
  • Crude oil production
  • Crude Oil Production
  • Gas Distribution- Mumbai
  • Sale of Fuel
  • Data on Fuel Stations

 Project Information

  • Pre-Feasibility Study
    Fuelling Station
  • Location based on Traffic
  • Station Layout
  • Building Construction
  • Procedure to deal with direct offers of land
  • Petrol station lighting
  • Dispensing Equipments
  • Tank Pump
  • Future of Fuel Retailing in India
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Fuel Pricing - India

Government Licensing Rules

  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Selection of dealers/distributors and Marketing Plan
  • Special scheme for direct allotment of dealership
  • Selection of Dealers
  • Selection of rural retail outlet
  • Norms for the Access for Fuel Stations, Service Stations and Rest Areas along National
  • NOC Before Installation
  • Reconstitution of dealerships/distributorships
  • Resitement of dealerships/distributorships
  • Revival of dealerships/distributorships

Oil Companies

  • About IOC
  • IOC petrol stations
  • Bharat Petroleum - strategic marketing
  • BPCL performance
  • Lubricant company
  • BP Lubricants
  • Operation of retail outlets of OMCs on COCO basis
  • Commercial freedom to oil companies for selection of dealers/ distributors of petroleum products
  • Retail Outlet dealerships/LPG Distributorships /SKO-LDO dealerships.

Plant & Equipments

  • Dispenser equipment supplier
  • Market leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of petroleum retailing solutions
  • Auto fuel Terminal
  • Auto Fuel System
  • Electronic Level System
  • Automatic vehicle recognition
  • Pipes & Fittings
  • Emergency Shutoff Valve
  • Equipment Maintenance service provider
  • Television screens at Petrol Stations

Environment, Regulations & Standards

  • Groundwater Protection Code
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Fuel Vapour
  • Static Electricity & Mobile Phones
Managing the Station
  • Customer Relationship
  • Retail petroleum news digest
  • Retail Management software
  • Mobile-ICT
  • Refueling and Parking Systems - Training Programs
  • Petrol Trade Industry
  • Oil Strikes

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