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  • Aerosols are tiny liquid and solid particles suspended in the air
  • Most occur naturally, originating from volcanoes, dust storms, forest and grassland fires, living vegetation, and sea spray
  • Aerosols method help drug delivery effectively.Inhalable aerosols and enabling technologies help control respiratory infectious disease and human source airborne contamination.
  • Inhalation drug products include inhalation aerosols (metered dose inhalers); inhalation solutions, suspensions, and sprays (administered via nebulizers); inhalation powders (dry powder inhalers); and nasal sprays.
  • Aerosol generator produces aerosol particles in the sub micrometer range. The Atomizer Aerosol Generator can be portable and of a very compact and rugged design. A built-in low-noise compressor provides the compressed air solution is drawn from the atomizer vessel. Subsequently, a high-velocity air flow breaks up the solution into droplets and suspends the droplets in the flow.
  • To prepare aerosols of medicinal, food, disinfecting, or disinfesting materials using aerosol cylinders, compressed gases are used as propellants: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, or argon
  • Aerosols
  • Fact Sheet
  • Aerosol Drug Delivery Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Aerosols Formulations
  • Nasal drug Delivery
  • Burning Paraffin Wax
  • CFC Reduction

Production and Properties

  • Inhaler Formulation
  • Aerosol Gelation
  • Therapeutic aerosols
  • Sprayers for aerosol cylinders
  • Container Closure Systems
  • The particle size analysis of aerosols
  • Product Review
  • Nanopowder Production
  • Nebulizer
  • Nebuliser Testing
  • Dry Powder aerosol generation
  • Electrostatic charging of pharmaceutical powders and aerosols
  • Storage Guidelines
  • Aerosol Packaging
  • Consultant - USA
  • Dose Distribution of Pharmaceutical Aerosols
  • Quality Control
  • Spectrometer

Company Profiles

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Company in pharmaceutical contract research
  • American Company
  • German Company
  • British Company Products
  • Disinfection Technology Company
  • Aerosol Forum
  • Experts meeting - forum 2008
  • Aerosol Forum 2009
  • Companies
  • USA Company
  • Aerosol Products in the United States


Technology & Applications

  • Nan particle Aerosol Science and Technology.
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers
  • The prototype Aerogen Pulmonary Drug Delivery System
  • Anti Seize compounds
  • Pharmaceutical Aerosols
  • Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosols
  • Aerosol Generator
  • Automotive Aerosols
  • “Bubbling” Aerosol Generator
  • Aerosol methods for producing titanium dioxide
  • Parts Cleaning Systems
  • Biosol
  • Laminar flow aerosol generator
  • Continuous Bronchodilator Therapy
  • Bubble Dryer
  • Solid Aerosol Generator
  • Aerosols for inhalation
  • Air–Liquid Lubricant and Coolant Aerosols in Machining
  • Aerosol Paint System
  • Passive aerosol generator
  • Electro spray Aerosol Generator
  • Standard Combustion Aerosol Generator for Calibration Purposes
  • Nanocrytals

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Products in the Market
  • Markets
  • Suppliers of Cosmetic Business

Hazards and  Toxicity

  • Air Pollution Policy Analysis
  • Phase-out of CFC based MDIs

Safety and Guides

  • Inhalation and Nasal Drug Products

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