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  • A photoresist is a light-sensitive material used in several industrial processes, such as photolithography and photoengraving to form a patterned coating on a surface.
  • Photoresists are classified into two groups: positive resists and negative resists.
  • A positive resist is a type of photoresist in which the portion of the photoresist that is exposed to light becomes soluble to the photoresist developer. The portion of the photoresist that is unexposed remains insoluble to the photoresist developer.
  • Positive resist has the advantages of high contrast, good step coverage, and high
    aspect ratios.
  • A negative resist is a type of photoresist in which the portion of the photoresist that is exposed to light becomes insoluble to the photoresist developer. The unexposed portion of the photoresist is dissolved by the photoresist developer.
  • Photoresists are photosensitive materials which after photoimaging and subsequent processing, resist action of certain chemicals in desired areas.
  • AZ® 9200 thick film photoresist is designed for the more demanding
    higher-resolution thick resist require-ments. It provides high resolution with
    superior aspect ratios, as well as wide focus and exposure latitude and good
    sidewall profiles.
  • Lithography is an old art. The dictionary starts by saying that it is the art of drawing pictures on a stone usually covered with a greasy substance. After the picture was drawn in the “grease” exposing the underlying stone, the exposed area could be etched with acid to form a groove. This held ink that could be transferred to paper.
  • Similar technology was used for etchings based on metal plates. The image was hand drawn before the acid etch was carried out. In the 1930s Kodak introduced a photosensitive material that could be coated on a metal plate to form an image upon exposure to visible light. The exposed regions became insoluble and the unexposed areas could be removed with an organic solvent. The material was called a Photoresist.
  • Photoresist materials are used in several industrial processes, such as photolithography and photoengraving to form a patterned coating on a surface.
  • A novel technique of photoresist coating, Dynamic Surface Tension (DST) coating, is presented.  This technique is particularly well suited for surfaces with pre-existing topography, which is often the case in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and integrated circuits packaging.
  • Promising results are obtained using a commercial photoresist Shipley SPR 220-3.0
  • MEMS fabrication process of devices, there are three main
    different photoresist coating techniques: spin coating,
    electrodeposition (ED) coating, and spray coating.
  • Photoresists are typically three component systems made up of a phenolic novolak resin, a photoactive diazoquinone ester and a solvent.
  • Fabrication of printed circuit boards. A common application includes applying photoresist, exposing to the image, followed by an etch step using iron chloride, cupric chloride or an alkaline ammonia etching solution to remove the copperclad substrate.Sand carving. Sand blasting materials after a photolithographically printed pattern has been applied as a mask.
  • Most photoresist removal procedures consist of a combination of plasma induced dry ashing and wet chemical treatments.
  • Photoresist materials are used for creating circuit boards snd Sandcarving


General Information
  • Introduction
  • Types of Photoresist
  • Chemistry Of Photoresists


  • Product Data Sheet
  • Microposit S1800 Series Photoresists
  • Description
  • Thick Photo-Resist For MEMS
  • Megaposit SPR 220 Series


  • MSDS for Microposit S1813 photo Resist
  • MSDS for Microposit S1818 positive Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for 5214-E Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for 1512 Photoresist
  • MSDS for 2035 Photoresist
  • MSDS for 4620 Photoresist
  • MSDS fro Microposit SC1827 Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for P4620 Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for Photoresist Developer
  • MSDS for 3312-F Photoresist
  • MSDS for UVIII-0.5 Photoresist
  • MSDS for Microposit STR1045 Positive Photoresist
  • MSDS for PC197 Photoresist
  • MSDS for P4620 Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for 5214-E Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for 5209-E Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for Developers of Photoresist
  • MSDS for P4210 Photoresist
  • Safety Data Sheet for Developers
  • MSDS fro Microposit S1813 photoresist


  • Negative Photoresist Kit
  • The Optimization and Characterization of
    Ultra-Thick Photoresist Films
  • Polymers for 157 nm Photoresist Applications
  • Photosensitive BARC Applications
  • Contrast Enhancement Materials for Thick Photoresist Applications
  • Photoresist application for
    3D features on wafer surfaces
  • Conformal Photoresist Coatings for High Aspect Ratio Features
  • Removal of SU-8 photoresist for thick film applications
  • Effect of ion energy on photoresist etching in an inductively coupled, traveling wave driven, large area plasma source
  • Dry Film Photoresist System
  • Photoresist For 3D Packaging
  • Composite ferromagnetic photoresist for the fabrication of microelectromechanical systems


  • HARKE Imaging
  • Smartfabgroup
  • ForensisGroup


  • Fabtech
  • Solidstate Technology
  • Confab


  • Rick Assessment
  • Hazardous Material Information System
  • Hazards Identification

Company Profiles

  • JSR Corporation
  • Towne Technologies,Inc.
  • SUSS Microtec
  • Company From tjskl
  • GENESIS Material Technology

  • Company From tok


  • LED Cleaning Solutions
  • Micro Resist Technology
  • Nanometer Patterning
  • RF Plasma Source
    In Ashers
  • Ozonated-DI-Water Technology


  • Novel polymers and photoresist compositions
  • Photoresist
  • Photoresist Composition And Methods
  • Masking Process Using Photoresist
  • Solid Photoresist and Method Of Making Photoresist
  • Reticulation Resistant Photoresist Coating
  • Photoresist Composition
  • Photoresist Processing Methods
  • Method For Removing Photoresist
  • Compositions Of Photoresist


  • The Effect of Photo Resist Outgassing on Dielectric Etch
  • Electron, Ion and Vacuum Ultraviolet Photon
    Beam Effects
  • Thick PhotoResist Outgassing During MeV Implantation
  • Effects of Electron Radiation on a Photoresist Liftoff Process
  • Effects of Photo Resist Erosion in Development on Critical Dimension
  • Ion Beam Interactions with Advanced Photoresist Polymers
  • High-numerical-aperture effects in photoresist


  • Derivatives Used in Photoresists
  • SU-8 Overhanging Structures
    Using a Photoresist
  • Photoresist Coatings
  • Thick Photoresist Imaging Using Three Wavelength Exposure Stepper
  • Building thick photoresist structures from the bottom up
  • Polymers for 157 nm Photoresist Applications
  • Understanding the Photoresist Surface- Liquid Interface
  • Removal of Photoresist Using Superciritical and Subcritical CO2 with Additives
  • UV Baked/Cured Photoresist  in MEMS Fabrications
  • Performance of Pyrolyzed Photoresist Carbon
  • Photoresist Coating Method


  • Direct Analysis Of Photoresist
  • Time-of-flight mass spectrometry
  • Analysis of EUV photoresist
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Analysis of the sidewall films
  • Electroplating moulds using dry film photoresist


  • Kinetic Study of Negative Dry-film Photoresists
  • Process Assessment
  • Properties of Thick
    Photoresist Films
  • Study of Ultra-Violet Photoresist
  • Experimental Study on Ultrasonic Stress Relief
  • Study Of ADI
  • Amplified Photoresists
  • Study And Synthesis Of Photoresists


  • Basic Techniques
  • About the Photoresist Process
  • Composition
  • Photoresist Processing
  • Development Of Photoresists
  • Etching In House


  • Alibaba
  • TradeKorea
  • Photoresist,Developers & Ancillaries Suppliers
  • Photoresists Manufacturers


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