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  • Piezo ceramics are fundamentally very simple to use and integrate; their compact size even makes them suitable for integration into so-called labs-on-chip.
  • Simple Piezo ceramic disks or rings are mounted onto a metal or silicon disk and, as the most compact bender element, thus control the opening or closing of diaphragm pumps or valves.
  • Piezoelectric ceramics or piezoceramics refer to the family of ceramics with perovskite or tungsten-bronze structures which exhibits piezoelectricity.
  • Piezoelectric ceramics found fast development in late 20th century. The development of metal oxide-based piezoelectric ceramics enabled designers to employ the piezoelectric effect and the inverse piezoelectric effect in many new applications.
  • PI's division for Piezo-electric ceramic materials and components - offers a wide selection of piezoceramics components and materials based on modified PZT and barium titanate, as well as lead-free piezo ceramics and custom tailored ceramics for many applications.
  • EDO piezoelectric ceramic technology utilizes solid state actuators and sensors to solve a wide variety of active vibration control problems.
  • The basic technology for the manufacturing of piezoceramics components is the pressing of shaped bodies using spray dried granular material. This is achieved using high-capacity presses with up to 1MN compacting force. The shaped bodies are either
    manufactured true to size, taking into account the sintering contraction or with
    machining excesses which are removed to achieve the required precision. By using
    high-production in board diamond sawing equipment, it is possible to manufacture reasonably priced components with a thickness as low as 0.2mm.
  • Piezo actuators are constructed by stacking several piezobulk elements and intermediate metal foils. Afterwards an outer insulation layer made of polymer material is applied.
  • Physik Instruments is market leader for piezo-ceramic drive technology, which is used mainly for high-precision positioning tasks, for example in quality assurance or the semi-conductor industry.
  • Piezoceramic actuators in lightweight structures enable a purposeful manipulation of the dynamic and vibroadcoustic structural Behaviour.
  • Piezoceramic bulk elements are manufactured from spray-dried granular material by mechanical hydraulic presses. The compacts are either manufactured true to size,
    taking into account the sintering contraction or the machining excesses which are then reworked to achieve the required precision.
  • Piezoelectric fabrics are ideally suited to power wearable electronics, an application where bulky batteries are very impractical.
  • The highly compact, integrated piezomotor can provide velocities up to 100mm/s together with high position resolution and high holding force.
  • Piezoceramic materials held a key position as electro acoustic transducers that are used in the construction of ultrasonic probe up to gigahertz.
  • Piezoceramic energy harvesting devices are being explored for their potential in creating self powered devices for wireless sensor networks.


  • Piezo-Ceramic Products.
  • Introduction of Piezo-Ceramic Audio Devices.
  • Piezoelectric Ceramic Products.
  • Overview of Piezo-Ceramic Products.
  • Electro-Ceramic Products and Material Specification.
  • Piezo Ceramic Actuators.
  • Information about Piezo-Ceramics.
  • Highlights of Piezo ceramic inverter advantages.
  • Introduction-Piezo Filters.


  • Piezoelectric ceramic electromechanical properties.
  • Piezo-ceramic materials and properties.

Raw Materials

  • Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT).
  • Barium Titanate.


  • Piezo Ceramic Speakers.
  • Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensors.
  • 3-Axial Piezo-ceramic Acceleration Sensor.
  • Ceramic Resonators.
  • Piezoelectric patch transducers for industry.
  • Piezo ceramic Actuators.
  • Piezo-Ceramic Ultrasonic Sensors.
  • Piezo-Ceramic Buzzer.
  • Nanomotion precision Piezo Ceramic Motors.
  • How to use piezoceramic buzzers.
  • Piezo Ceramic Linear Motors.
  • Piezo Ceramic Microphones.


  • Piezocomposite Fabrication Process.
  • Manufacture of piezo components using pressing technology.
  • Piezo-Ceramic Metallization and Assembly.
  • Development of novel Piezoceramic actuator modules for the embedding in intelligent lightweight structures.
  • Piezo Ceramics Manufacturing Process.
  • A Powerful presence-ceramics in piezo applications.


  • Electronic Control device for a piezo-ceramic bending transducer.
  • Piezoelectric ceramic transformer for driving back-light devices.
  • Piezoceramic Actuator.
  • Piezoelectric Ceramic Transistor.
  • Low temperature conductive coating for piezoceramic materials.
  • Method of inspecting piezoelectric ceramic device.
  • Making Piezoelectric Ceramic composite Transducers.
  • Lead-free Piezo Ceramic films.

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Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey Provider from U.S.
  • Turnkey Provider from USA.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Supplier from China.
  • Supplier from UK.
  • Supplier from Zuzemberk.

Manufacturing Plant

  • Production Plant1 from China.
  • Production Plant2 from China.
  • Production Plant3 from China.
  • Production Plant4 from China.


  • Supplier from China.
  • China Suppliers.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers List.
  • Suppliers from USA.
  • Indian Suppliers.

Company Profile

  • Company from Canada.
  • Company from Denmark.
  • Company from Belgium.
  • Company from England.
  • Company from Germany.
  • Company from India.
  • Company from USA.


  • Consultancy from China.
  • Consultancy from New York.
  • Consultancy from UK.
  • Consultancy from USA.


  • Processes based on piezo ceramic Fibers.
  • LQR Control of Shell Vibrations via Piezoceramic Actuators.
  • Extension of a Smart Piezoelectric Ceramic Rod.
  • Screen-Printed thick films for miniaturized devices.
  • Recent developments of piezoelectric ceramic products.
  • Piezo ceramic packaging technology.
  • Microheaters based on ultrasonic actuation of piezoceramic elements.
  • Model Development for Piezoceramic Nanopositioners.


  • Piezoelectric Ceramics.
  • Piezoelectric Actuator Materials.
  • XY Stage with Piezo Ceramic Linear Motors.
  • Piezoelectric Sound Components.
  • Piezo Ceramic Motors Improve Phone Camera Auto Focus and Zoom.
  • Porous Piezoelectric Ceramic Hydrophone.
  • Piezoelectric Technology.
  • Piezo Motors & Actuators in Security Technology.
  • Piezo Linear Motor for Easy Integration.
  • Piezoelectric Fabrics for Energy Harvesting.

Market Demands

  • World Piezoelectric Device Market.


  • Keko Equipment Newsletter.
  • The Bolt Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Ceramics offers Silicon Carbide and Mullite kiln rollers.
  • CTS Signs 4yr supply agreement for hard disk drive piezoceramic micro Actuators.
  • PI releases new Piezo ceramic Actuator Brochure.


  • Packaged Piezo actuators for industrial applications.
  • Glow Plug Integrated Piezo-Ceramic combustion sensor for diesel engines.
  • Piezo devices for medical engineering.
  • Piezo for motion control in Medical Design and Drug Research.
  • Piezoceramic Materials for Ultrasonic Probes.
  • A shear-mode piezoceramic device fro energy harvesting applications.
  • Piezo Ceramic Buzzers.
  • Which Sound Device is right for Application?
  • Ceramic Application of New Areas.


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