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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Plasma protein fractionation Industry is $7 billion industry supplies products to more than one million patients each year.
  • More than 500 metric tons of human serum albumin and more than 40 tons of intravenous immunoglobulin are produced annually from more than 22 million liters of source and recovered plasma
  • Immune serum globulin is in high demand, and that demand will only increase.
  • The United States represents the largest
    plasma collector and manufacturing base
    more than 50% of the world supply of
  • Plasma contains about 60 g/L of protein,
    of which about 57 grams (not including
    processing losses) are used for many
    therapeutic products
  • It takes approximately 18 months for a blood sampling site to be certified by the Food and Drug Administration, and another 18 months for it to accumulate operating reserves
  • Building a fractionating plant is very expensive
  • Plasma-derived products, such as IVIG and albumin, are not expected to be manufactured by recombinant means
  • IVIG demand is now the primary driver of the plasma collection market, with demand growing 6-8% annually.
  • Hemophiliacs are the target population for players interested in plasma protein R&D. India needs about 900,000 liters of plasma proteins per year. India has been meeting this requirement so far by importing these proteins. None of the other Plasma proteins is being manufactured in India as yet.

Basic Information

  • Biotechnology Industry 2007 - 2008

  • Developments over the  years

  • Plasma Protein Forum 2009

  • Porcine Plasma Proteins

Companies & Products

  • Company in innovative immunology and haematology

  • Company with FDA approval

  • Company in plasma-based protein replacement

  • American Company Profile

  • Company in substitute for natural growth Harmon

  • Australian Company

  • Company in India

  • Company profile

  • Companies in joint development

Technology Scenario
  • Plasma Collection
  • Product Monograph
  • Biological Therapeutics for Rare Plasma Protein Disorders
  • Seminal Plasma Proteins as Potential Markers of Relative Fertility in Boars
  • Seminal Plasma Proteins as Potential Markers of Relative Fertility in Boars
  • The quantitative determination of albumin
  • Coagulant plasma-protein solution
  • Purification of Plasma Proteins
  • Method of Plasma  fractionating plasma protein
  • Apparatus for separating proteins from blood plasma
  • Chromatographic separation of plasma proteins
  • Multiplex protein fractionation
  • Fractionation of blood plasma

Projects & Markets

  • Blood Plasma Fractionation
  • Trends in Coagulation Factors
  • Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Research & Developmenta
  • Project Engineering & Technologies
  • Fractionation Kit
  • Fractionators
  • Down Stream Process
  • Consultant
  • Contract Fractionation
  • Protein purification and analysis
  • Plasma Products


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