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  • ROPE is used as a connecting component for lanyards, horizontal and vertical lifelines, positioning lanyards, pulley systems and some special-order, self-retracting lifelines and in many applications.
  • Rope’s main advantage is that it has a better “hand” than cable or webbing. It is also less expensive than other materials.
  • The rope is to pull heavy objects, connect objects, and bind objects together. The ropes can be classified as twisted rope, Shroud laid rope and cable laid rope.
  • Polypropylene rope is otherwise called as the “plastic” rope. It's only advantage is that it can float in water without any damages caused.
  • Plastic Ropes have very small elongation and good shock resistance. Due to its water repellent properties they are used in water and it can be stored without any fear of rotting.
  • These plastic ropes are not affected by any chemicals.
  • Plastic ropes are in big demand of areas such as Ports & Ship Building Yards, Electricity Boards, Defence, Transport and In Industrial & other Sectors.
  • Plastic granules are first extruded and a monofilament is produced from the die head and then its drawn in water bath, subsequently dried by hot air as well as stretched.
  • Monofilament yarns are then  converted into rope by a combined strander and coiling in a single operation.
  • The resulting rope is plastic rope which is wound into a bundle and packed.
  • The investment for setting up a plastic rope manufacturing Plant comes around 2.29 Crores.
  • The estimated rate of return of investment is around 11%. The land requirement will be around 2.0 acres.
  • History of Rope
  • Why is nylon stronger than plastic rope
  • Mining rope inspection


  • Sports Game Jumping Skipping Plastic Rope - Green Ropes Jumping
  • Twisted Plastic Rope
  • Plastic Jump Rope
  • Plastic ropes
  • Rope Chair
  • LDPE plastic rope bag
  • Seats & swings

Manufacturing process

  • Mahajan-rolls to plastic ropes in India
  • Make ropes from plastic bags
  • Plastic rope manufacturing

Raw material suppliers

  • Plastic
  • HDPE granules
  • Polypropylene

Turnkey service providers

  • Turnkey service providers from Gujarat
  • Another Turnkey service providers from Gujarat
  • Turnkey service providers from Metoda


  • Method for weaving an edging ornament with plastic rope
  • Plastic rope connector
  • Knife arrangement for a granulator for granulating plastic ropes
  • Lubricated plastic impregnated aramid fiber rope
  • Rope
Production line
  • Manufacturing and supplying of plastic ropes
  • Pyramid machinery plastic ropes making machine
  • Plastic Rope Making Machines
  • Machinery suppliers from China
  • Another machinery suppliers from China
  • Machinery suppliers from Beijing


  • Suppliers of Plastic ropes
  • Manufacturers of Plastic ropes
  • Selling leads of Plastic ropes
  • Plastic ropes Suppliers
  • Exporters of Plastic ropes
  • Plastic ropes Suppliers list
  • Plastic ropes exporters
  • Trading leads of Plastic ropes

Company & Consultancy

  • Company from Egypt
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Another Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Company from Madhya Pradesh
  • Company from Saudi Arabia
  • Company from U.S.A
  • Online Consultancy

Project & Report

  • Project profile on plastic ropes
  • Profile on plastic rope
  • Manufacture investment opportunity profile
  • Making plastic ropes
  • Report on Ropes and rope constructions

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