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  • Pyrolysis involves heating and decomposing mixed plastics in the absence of oxygen.
  • Three recycling procedures are pyrolysis, fluidized bed recycling and free fall recycling  
  • Pyrolysis processes can be classified according to the type of reactor used. Fluidized bed reactors are widely accepted and utilized because they have excellent heat and mass transfer characteristics and maintain a highly uniform temperature across the fluid bed
  • Pyrolysis method can convert polyolefins and polystyrene to liquid hydrocarbon products with a yield of at least 70%.
  • 30 Tons/ Day Plants are offered by a technology company
  • The results of a feasibility study for a demonstration plant for the liquefaction of waste plastic
    and tires and the co processing of these waste polymers with coal are explained
  • It is claimed that 775 liters of crude oil can be produced for every ton of typical plastic waste processed. System capacity can range from 200 tons to 400 tons of plastic wastes processed per month. Overall plant capacity can be easily scaled up by adding additional modules.
  • Systems initially available operated on a types of high temperature pyrolysis, these systems may produce dioxins and furanes and are relatively expensive to run due to the heat required. More recently systems believed to operate pressure less, closed loop and at low temperatures without toxins
  • According to some consultants, 3 Tons / day plant is to produce about 2500 litres of fuel oil, 150 kgs of carbon black & 400 kgs of hydrocarbon gas requires an investment of about INR 2 Crores. The project payback period will be 3 years
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Value from the Waste
  • Turning mixed plastic wastes into a useable liquid fuel


  • Three recycling processes: pyrolysis, fluidized bed recycling and free fall recycling
  • Developing the Process
  • The Pyrolysis of Plastic Materials
  • Co processing of waste scrap plastic with Coal & Petroleum residuum
  • Microwave frequencies to extract oil and gas from plastics
  • Liquid products from biomass/plastic mixtures
  • Conversion of waste plastic to Lubricating Base Oil
  • Recycling of Polyolefin by Pyrolysis

 Project Information

  • Plastic Pyrolysis Project Information
  • Feasibility Study for a Demonstration Plant for Liquefaction and Coprocessing of Waste Plastic and Tires
  • Project Development
  • Oil Extracting Machine Using Waste Tyre & Plastic
  • Equipment Supplier

Technology & Sources

  • Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste
  • Waste plastics to diesel fuel
  • Scrap Tire & Plastic Processing Advanced Pyrolysis Technologies
  • Technology Brief
  • Technology Company
  • Company from China
  • Company in the USA

Company profiles & Consultants

  • ThermoFuel plastics to diesel system
  • Company Annual Report
  • American Company
  • Technology Offer
  • Plastic to Diesel - technology source
  • Company in the USA


  • Municipality plastic waste utilization


  • Technologies for the Identification, Separation and Recycling of Automotive Plastics
  • Plastic Waste Management
  • Pyrolyses of the Various types of Fuels

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