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  • Rotational molding process is for manufacturing hollow,
    seamless products of all sizes and shapes such as water Plastic storage Tanks
  • For applications such as
    fuel tanks, rotationally
    moulded thermoplastics
    possess good chemical
    resistance and, depending on
    material selection, are able
    to operate in temperatures
    ranging from -30C to 120C
    with excellent UV stability.
  • Rotational molding process comprises of four major steps:
    Loading of material to mold,
    Molding in a furnace, Cooling of mold, Un loading of part.
  • The basic raw material for the tank manufacturing is Liner Low Density Polyethylene Normally called as LLDPE
  • Rotational moulding is one of the largest consumer of LLDPE in powder form. Typical powder required for moulding is 30 to 35 mesh size.
  • Roto-moulded Plastic Water storage tanks being lighter in weight are easy in handling and can be easily fitted at any
    desired place, and are hence preferred and practically replacing the conventional
    tanks of steel, cement concrete or stone.
  • Roto Moulded Tanks are manufactured as per IS 12701:1989
  • There are more than 600 tank manufacturer in India and number is growing at rate of 50 every year.
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