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  • Polycarbonate is a polymer with a unique blend of desirable properties. This polymer can be given shape by different processes, which include injection moulding, blow molding, extrusion -and thermoforming. Polycarbonate roof sheets are manufactured by the process of extrusion.
  • Polycarbonate resin, in the form of pellets, is melted at a high temperature (280C300C),
    then injection-molded to make everyday products and industrial goods and parts. For
    making sheets and films an extruder is used. Bottles are made by blow molding
  • Polycarbonate roof sheets are commonly called transparent steel due to their wonderful impact resistance and glass like clarity
  • The external side of the sheet or panel is co-extruded with a PC coating containing heavy UV absorbers. This allows PC
    sheeting to deliver various levels of
    light and thermal conduction.
  • Global sheet market is expected to grow at around 5 percent over the next years with major growth in Asia and Latin America. However Indian polycarbonate sheet market is expected to grow at around 15 percent over the next few years.
  • Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in mass transportation, construction projects, for safety and security in industrial applications such as safeguard in machinery industry and bulletproof glazing as well as signage and communication applications.
Basic Information
  • Processing Polycarbonate
  • Starting Up A Plastics Extrusion Business
  • Innovating Plastic Technology
  • Injection Molding
    defects, causes, remedies
  • Injection Molding - Drying Process
  • Polycarbonate Resin
    & Bisphenol A
  • Injection Molding of
    Polycarbonate Resins
  • Polycarbonate sheet specification
  • Patent
  • Polycarbonate Sheet for Building Applications
  • Glazing, Daylighting, and Polycarbonate Sheeting Systems
  • Sheet Products - Forming, fabricating, finishing and decorating methods
  • Products for applications
Company Information
  • Company - Roofing Products
  • Polycarbonate sheet Manufacturer
  • Company & its products details
  • Technology Company
  • Company offer - Architectural Product Solutions
  • List of Manufacturers
Machinery Suppliers
  • Plastic extrusion plants
  • Extrusion Machinery
  • Extrusion machinery offer
  • Plastics Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer
  • List of Plastic processing machinery suppliers
Market Scenario
  • Opportunities in Engineering Plastics Automobile, Telecommunication, Healthcare and other emerging areas
  • Company in India - News
  • Consultant - market reports
  • Indian Company Performance
  • Distributor, dealer and supplier of a wide range of Industrial Roofing Products
  • Polycarbonate suppliers
  • Sheet suppliers in China

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