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  • Polymer concrete is part of group of concretes that use polymers to supplement or replace cement as a binder. The types include polymer-impregnated concrete, polymer concrete, and polymer-Portland-cement concrete.
  • In polymer concrete, thermosetting resins are used as the principal polymer component due to their high thermal stability and resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Polymer concrete is also composed of aggregates that include silica, quartz, granite, limestone, and other high quality material.
  • Polymer concrete may be used for new construction or repairing of old concrete. The adhesion properties of polymer concrete allow patching for both polymer and cementitious concretes.
  • The low permeability of polymer concrete allows it to be used in swimming pools, sewer pipes, drainage channels, electrolytic cells for base metal recovery, and other structures that contain liquids. It can also be used as a replacement for asphalt
    pavement, for higher durability and higher strength.
  • Polymer concrete (PC) continues to be widely used as a repair material for concrete.
  • Depending upon the method of monomer incorporation into the concrete, the polymer
    concrete is termed as I. polymer impregnated concrete, when dried precast concrete is impregnated with monomer and polymerized in-situ.
    ii. polymer cement concrete, when cement, aggregate, water and monomer are mixed together and polymerized after laying and.
    iii. polymer concrete, when aggregate and monomer are mixed together and
    polymerized after laying.
  • Polymer Concrete products have been used for decades in engineering constructions
    like machine basis for high precision milling machines, in the building industry for
    facade products and sanitary parts, in electrical engineering for isolation devices and especially in the chemical industry for all types of ducts due to its favorable properties.
  • Due to the high chemical resistance, especially the resistance against hydrogen sulfides, polymer concrete products have found favor in sewer installation and rehabilitation projects.
  • In the bridge design, an aluminium alloy bridge deck is used with a polymer concrete wearing surface.
  • It is similar to ordinary cement concrete because it contains fine and coarse aggregates, but the hydraulic binder is totally substituted with a polymer material. The aggregates
    are bounded together by polymer matrix. It contains no cement or water.
  • It can be reinforced with fibers like : glass, carbon, boron or natural fibers like coconut , sugar cane bagasse, cellulose.
  • The Autocaster continuous casting machine automates the production of polymer
    concrete matrix for cast polymer concrete manufacturing.
  • Polymer concrete is an expensive overlay material. It not only improves the abrasion and skid resistance of the deck surface, it also protects against corrosion of steel reinforcement.
  • The two main components of polymer concrete, resin binder and aggregate both
    contribute to the material's durability and protective qualities.
  • Polymer Concrete.
  • Overview of Development in Concrete Technology.
  • Polymer Concrete Baseplate.
  • Polymer Concrete for structural restoration and corrosion protection.
  • Requirements-Polymer Concrete.
  • Review of polyester polymer concrete properties.
  • Solid Cast Polymer vs Traditional Polymer Concrete.
  • Ultra Surface Polymer Concrete mixing and coverage charts.

Raw Materials

  • Silica.
  • Thermoset Resin.
  • Quartz.
  • Lime Stone.


  • Polymer Concrete Powder.
  • LikeNu Polymer Concrete Coating.
  • Polymer Concrete Resin.
  • Portland Cement concrete.
  • Polymer Concrete Filler.
  • Polymer Concrete.
  • Marbalease-Polymer concrete release.
  • Concrete Pipe joint compound-MSDS.


  • Polymer Concrete Cutouts.
  • Degadeck Polymer Concrete.
  • Degadur R17 Polymer Concrete.
  • Epoxy polymer concrete.
  • Basic Polymer Concrete.
  • Polymer Concrete products for underground construction.
  • Plexideck MMA PC polymer concrete.
  • Polymer Concrete TGSI.
  • Polymer Concrete pipe.
  • Marbalease polymer concrete release.
  • Novolac Epoxy polymer concrete.
  • MMA polymer concrete patching material.


  • Long distance tunneling with polymer concrete.
  • Use of polymeric wastes in the concrete production.
  • Multilayer polymer concrete overlay.
  • Mix design of polymeric concrete incorporating fly ash, rice husk ash and silica fume.
  • Polymer Concrete-Methods for modification and improvement.


  • Auto Caster.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Supplier from China.
  • Online Supplier.
  • Supplier from USA.


  • Suppliers from California.
  • Suppliers from China.
  • Suppliers from India.
  • Suppliers List.
  • China Suppliers.


  • Polymer Concrete Pipe -Product Guide.
  • Technical Handbook and product Catalog-Polymer Concrete.
  • Guide for the use of Polymers in Concrete.

Company Profile

  • Company from South Africa.
  • Company from South Korea.
  • Company1 from USA.
  • Company2 from USA.


  • Consultancy from Canada.
  • Consultancy from USA.
  • Consultancy from New York.


  • Properties of fiber reinforced polymer concrete.
  • Structural reinforcement of building materials using polymer concrete.
  • Investigation of damage mechanisms of polymer concrete.
  • Comparative study on physical properties of polymer concrete.
  • Performance of polymer concrete insulators under light pollution.
  • Characteristics of polymer concrete with epoxy resin.
  • Evaluation of the durability of polymer concrete bonds to aluminum bridge decks.
  • Compressive strength of Gamma-irradiated polymer concrete.
  • Effect of textile waste on the mechanical properties of polymer concrete.
  • Comparative assessment of polymer concrete strength after degradation cycles.


  • Optimization of polymer concrete composites.
  • Polymer-Modified Concrete.
  • Long term performance of polymer concrete for bridge decks.
  • Chemical Resistant polymer concretes.
  • Overlaying concrete bridge decks with polymer concrete.
  • Polymer concrete overlay of clackamas river bridge.
  • Water compatible polymer concrete materials for use in rapid repair systems for airport runways.
  • Report on polymer-modified Concrete.
  • Art in Concrete polymer materials in U.S.

Market Demands

  • Taking Stock of the pipe market.
  • Bridge maintenance and management - look to the future.
  • Cement and Concrete additives - US industry study with forecasts for 2012 & 2017.
  • North American Polymeric Concrete Repair Market.
  • Recent Status of Research and development of Concrete-Polymer composites in Japan.


  • Use of precast polymer concrete shapes.
  • Polymer concrete micro-overlay for fuel and abrasion resistant surfacing.
  • Polymer concrete applications  as pipes, manholes, structures.
  • Polymer Concrete - Applications.
  • Polymer Concrete for industrial flooring and civil engineering.
  • Polymer Concrete and its potential in the construction industry.
  • Application of polymer in concrete Construction.









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