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  • The special process for extruding polymer pencils was developed and patented . It guarantees outstanding adhesion between pencil and lead as well as between pencil and exterior coating.
  • Polymer pencils are characterised by high breakage resistance and
    rigidity and are sharpened as are wooden pencils.
  • Development of the polymer pencil means consumption of valuable timber can be cut.
  • Machinery companies can supply with a complete compact pencil factory for use as a production facility including all the necessary additional equipment for printing, sharpening, adding erasers and packaging the goods.


Product  & Applications

  • Pencil Types
  • Plastic Pencil Sharpener
  • Wood-Free Resin Pencil as Low-Cost Electrode for pH Measurements

Companies  & Products

  • Manufacturer of Pencils of various types
  • All types of Pencils and Velvet Pencil Making Machine
  • Design, production and marketing of creativity tools and products for children
  • Polymer Pencil and Pencil Making Machine
  • List of companies - Polymer Pencils
  • Plastic Granule suppliers
  • Company products
  • Company - Germany
  • Company - product catalogue

Project Information

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Project Options
  • The Precision tube extrusion machinery supplier
  • Plastic Pencil Extrusion Tube Plant
  • PE extrusion plant for polymer pencils
  • Special Machinery supplier - catalogue
  • Plastic Pencil making machinery suppliers
  • Plastic pencil - Patent information

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