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Information profile @ a Glance
  • The plaster of paris bandages used widely in hospitals comprise powdered plaster of paris coated on Gauze or other flexible backing material and bonded together and to the backing by an adhesive
  • Calcium sulfate hemihydrate is commonly known as plaster of Paris
  • The process requires that the gauze with
    the powdered plaster in place be soaked or at least well wetted with water, to react together, and in so doing cause the plaster to set into a solid cast with the gauze.
  • There are many Chinese machinery suppliers and also others claim to offer complete know-how
  • The project requires Pharmaceutical grade plaster of paris powder, binders such as Shellac, wood resin, alcohol as solvent, Glycerol (as suspending agent) and of course cotton gauze

Basic Information

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  • Plaster of Paris Bandage

  • POP Setting

Trade Scenario
  • Products Catalog
  • Company & Products
  • Products & Specifications
  • Risk Assessment
  • Company - India
  • Company - Korea
  • Tender - sample


  • Apparatus for preparing surgical bandages
  • Plaster Bandage Machine
  • Medicinal Plaster
  • Making bonded plaster of paris products

Technical Information

  • Bandages impregnated with Plaster of Paris
  • Wound Healing Dressings
  • Multilayer Bandage
  • Calcium Sulfate Bone Graft Binder
  • Technical Report
  • Technical Bulletin
  • MSDS Report
  • product details
  • Surgical Grade Plaster
  • Nonwoven for medical textile
  • Gauze & Bandages
  • Bandage - Gauze products

Project Information

  • Surgical Bandage Indian Machine
  • Machinery suppliers - China
  • Machinery & Process know from China
  • Consultants
  • Raw Materials & suppliers

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