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  • Potato starch is starch extracted from potatoes. The cells of the root tubers of the potato plant contain starch grains (leucoplasts).
  • To extract the starch, the potatoes are crushed; the starch grains are released from the destroyed cells. The starch is then washed out and dried to powder.
  • Potato starch contains typical large oval spherical granules; their size ranges between 5 and 100 μm.
  • Potatoes contain around 20% starch, 2% fibres and 1% protein.
  • Potato starch is a very
    refined starch, containing minimal protein or fat. This gives the powder a clear white colour.
  • Potato starch absorbs and retains moisture to a far greater degree than wheat flour.
  • The cooked starch typical
    characteristics of neutral taste, good clarity, high binding strength, long texture and a minimal tendency to foaming or
    yellowing of the solution.
  • Potato starch and potato starch derivatives are used in many recipes, for example in noodles, wine gums, cocktail nuts,
    potato chips, hot dog sausages, bakery cream and instant soups and sauces, in gluten-free recipes.
  • Potato starch is also used in technical applications as wallpaper adhesive, for textile finishing and textile sizing, in paper coating
    and sizing and as an adhesive in paper sacks and gummed tape.
  • Potato starch was also used in one of the earlier color photography processes.
  • Potato starch also lowers plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations, increases satiety, and possibly even reduces
    fat storage.
  • Potato starch is gluten free, it is very useful for people with gluten intolerance or wheat sensitivity. It is also a
    good source of energy.
  • The granule size of potato starch is definitely larger than other starches.
  • Compared to other starches, potato starch has a higher phosphorus content. Due to higher phosphorus content, potato starch exhibits extremely high viscosity.
  • In Japan the output of potato starch is 250,000 tons
    per year.
  • The present demand for the proposed product is estimated at 23.3 tones per annum. The demand is expected to reach at 64.29 tones by the year 2022.
  • The physicochemical characteristics of potato starch, its end use markets are different from those for wheat/maize starch. The volume of potato starch imported into the UK is sufficient to justify the construction of a potato starch plant in the UK,on the basis that import figures are higher than the capacity of most existing potato starch processing plants.
General Information
  • Potato Starch General info
  • Potato Starch benefits
  • Potato Starch information
  • Starch and Protein from Potatoes


  • Company from India
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from India
  • Company from Germany
  • Company from India

Data Sheet

  • Viscostar
  • MSP Potato Starch
  • Potato Starch
  • Starch Potato from USA
  • Starch Potato from US
  • Potato Starch food grade


  • Potato Starch
  • Potato Starch
  • MSP Potato Starch
  • Native Potato Starch
  • Pen Cook - Potato Starch


  • Biodegradable plastic from potato starch
  • Preparation of Noodles from Potato starch
  • Starch Manufacturing
  • Making a plastic from potato starch

Raw Material Supplier

  • Potato Supplier
  • Sodium Bi sulphate Supplier

Equipment Supplier

  • Separator Supplier
  • Washing machine Supplier
  • Chute Supplier
  • Rasping machine Supplier
  • Conveyor Supplier
  • Grinder Supplier
  • Starch extractor Supplier
  • Dryer Supplier
  • Refuse conveyor supplier

Report & Project

  • Production of Potato Starch
  • Potato Starch Supply and Demand Balance
  • Industrial Markets For Starch
  • Potato starch production in Japan
  • Potato starch – a versatile commodity
  • Measures taken against water pollution in starch and potato processing industries


  • Peroxydisulfate initiated synthesis of potato starch -graft-poly(acrylonitrile) under microwave irradiation
  • Flame propagation through Potato Starch / Air Mixture in pipe of Interconnected vessels
  • Microbial biodegradable potato starch based low density polyethylene


  • Potato Starch Supplier
  • Supplier for Potato Starch
  • Potato Supplier Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Potato Starch Manufacturer in India
  • Supplier for potato Starch


  • Potato Starches for Starch Noodles
  • Utilization of Sweet Potato starch by rats and its effect of the digestion of dietary protein
  • Potato starch as an agar alternative for Solanum tuberosum micropropagation
  • Hydrotrope Potato Starch Gel as Topical Carrier for Rofecoxib
  • Applications for Potato Starches
  • Production of lactic acid and byproducts from waste potato
    starch by Rhizopus arrhizus


  • Stabilized or stabilized, cross linked waxy potato starch
  • Phosphorylated Waxy potato starch
  • Use of concentrated and pure Pontiac potato starch
  • Replacement of mung bean starch by modified potato and sweet potato starch in oriental noodles
  • Gum confections containing potato starch
  • Cold-water dispersible, gelling potato starch
  • Oriental noodle prepared from a cross-linked potato or sweet potato starch
  • Uses of flaked cationic potato starch


  • Effect of cellulase treatment on extraction of starch from potato
  • Effects of Enzyme Hydrolysis
    on the Properties of Potato Starches
  • Effect of esterified phosphorus in potato starch on the action pattern of salivary alpha-amylase


  • Functional properties of genetically modified potato starch
  • Testing properties of potato starch from different scales of isolations—A ring test
  • Sorption and Thermal Properties of  Potato Starch
  • Steady and dynamic shear rheology of sweet potato starch
  • Fractionation of Potato Starch
  • Phosphorus of Potato Starch
  • Adsorption behavior of potato starch-silica nanobiocomposite
  • Enzymatic Modification of Potato Starch


  • Potato Starch and refection
  • Modeling a Single-stage Hydrocyclone for Potato Starch
  • Starch content and properties of sweetpotato
  • Comparison of the hydrolysis of sweet potato starch with b-amylase and infrared radiation allows prediction of reducing sugar production
  • Digestion of starch granules from  potato
  • Evaluation of enzymatically modified potato starches in diets for weanling pigs
  • Freeze-thaw stabilization of sweet potato starch gel by polysaccharide gums
  • Primary Structure of Sweet Potato Starch Phosphorylase
    Deduced from its DNA Sequence
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide
    dissolves in potato starch and its

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