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  • The main feature of stand up pouches is their base in the lower portion. Once the pouch is filled with a product, the base expands and allows the bag to stand upright when it is displayed on shelves. Stand up bags are the best choice for packaging of various products.
  • Non-rigid packaging structures used to package and protect products. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, flexible packaging is any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed. Common examples of flexible packaging are bags and pouches.
  • Standup pouches include Paper standup pouches; foil stand up bags, stand up zipper pouches, etc.
  • Pouches have a combination of materials including LLDPE, PPE, MET, BOPP, PE
  • These materials offer more flexibility and durability to the pouches. They are laminated with metalized or aluminium layers, which are able to provide a high barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, conserving its contents for longer
  • Stand up pouches are more suitable for packaging of products like Cement, Coffee, Fertilizer, Candy, Pet food, Cosmetics, etc.
  • These pouches are equipped with various extras such as Re-sealable Zip closures, Hanging holes, Tear notches, Degassing valves,
    Euro slots, Transparent windows
  • Vacuum testing is when a premade pouch is tested by filling it with air and submerging it in a water bath using a plate to hold it under water. 15 to 20 Hg (inches of mercury) is drawn by vacuum on the tank and the tank is inspected for air bubbles. Air bubbles would indicate air is escaping the pouch and identify any leaks.
  • Stand-up pouches, Gusset pouches and zipper pouches have become the dominant packaging style in flexible packaging as they are more rigid than others. They are gaining popularity in India and are quickly becoming part of mainstream packaging.
  • New packaging trends in flexible packaging such as vacuum pouch, high temperature retort pouch, stand-up pouch will dominate the market and offer excellent Business Opportunities
  • About stand-up
  • Plastic Packaging Industry

Technology  Information

  • Pouch & Package making
  • Bag Making Machinery
  • Pouch Design considerations
  • Bubble Envelope Machine
  • Bag measurement
  • German Pouch-pack Technology
  • Technology - Squeeze Straw Pouch
  • Packaging Technology
  • Pouch Design - Artwork
  • Valve Bag Filling Systems
  • Palletising Technology
  • Filling System for open mouth Bags
  • Packaging Food Products


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  • Market Research consultancy
  • Consultant - Market information

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  • Italian Company & Products
  • Company profile - India
  • Printed Stand Up Pouches
  • Resealable Products
  • Pouches of all types
  • Products catalogue
  • Chinese Company products
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Machinery Suppliers

  • Stand-Up pouch packaging solution
  • Choosing a bagging & sealing system
  • Machinery - Reclosable Stand-Up Pouches
  • Band Sealing system
  • Machinery - stand-up pouches, snack bags,
    Stickpacks, rigid cartons
  • High Speed Pick & Pack
  • The Pouchmaster
  • Packaging Production Lines
  • Catalogue of packaging machinery
  • Thermal Pouch maker
  • Machinery Operator Training

Market Scenario

  • Flexible Packaging - Bags & Pouches
  • Bags & Pouches
  • Flexible Packaging Manufacturing
  • Pre-made Bagging Machinery
  • Products in demand
  • Chemical Contamination of Pre-Packaged Food
  • Packaging Market Scenario - India
  • The global coding and marking
  • Market Information
  • Market Study

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