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  • A vaccine is an antigenic preparation used to establish immunity to a disease. The term derives from Edward Jenner's use of cowpox ("vacca" means cow in Latin), which, when administered to humans, provided them protection against smallpox, which Louis Pasteur and others perpetuated. Vaccines are based on the concept of variolation originating in China, in which a person is deliberately infected with a weak form of smallpox. Jenner realized that milkmaids who had contact with cowpox did not get smallpox. The process of distributing and administrating vaccines is referred to as vaccination.
  • The safety and effectiveness of a vaccine depends on how it is made and what it contains. There are four main ways to develop vaccines: 
    Live attenuated vaccines contain bacteria or viruses that have been altered so they can't cause disease, Killed vaccines contain killed bacteria or inactivated viruses,Toxoid vaccines contain toxins (or poisons) produced by the germ that have been made harmless and Component vaccines contain parts of the whole bacteria or viruses.
  • Several factors can affect the severity of the vaccine reaction: chick quality; presence of disease (especially immunosuppressive disease); maternal antibody levels; type of vaccine strain used; method of vaccine application; timing of vaccine application; air, water, and litter quality; and flock
  • Novartis Vaccines is advancing influenza vaccine production in cell cultures to bring reliability and flexibility of the manufacturing process to the next level. With the advent of this technology, Novartis Vaccines is making it possible to meet the growing need for seasonal influenza vaccines and quickly respond to a potential pandemic influenza threat.
  • Infectious bursal disease is one of the most important viral disease of poultry usually affects young chickens of 3-6 weeks. Hygienic management and proper vaccination are main way of control of this disease. But maternal antibody affects vaccination with live vaccine. The maternally derived antibody persists up to 15-20 days in the progeny after hatching, but it depends on the antibody status of parent stock from which chicks derived. Half life of that antibody is about 5 days.
  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has undertaken numerous measures to prepare for, prevent and respond to the possibility of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI, H5N1) in poultry and other possibly susceptible species in the United States. Preparations for a possible HPAI, H5N1 outbreak include international and domestic coordination, information dissemination, enhancing response strategies, monitoring for the presence of HPAI, heightening disease awareness, and ensuring resources and personnel will be readily available.
  • A pillar of U.S. policy on drugs and vaccines is the protection of the individuals who use them. FDA does not license a product for sale in the United States until it is satisfied that the vaccine is safe and effective. Scientists, clinicians, Members of Congress, and the public must make decisions of vaccine safety despite uncertainties and varying perceptions of risk.
  • Costly outbreaks of mildly and highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) have occurred in the commercial poultry industry in Europe and the United States in the past two years. The current approach is to control the disease by depopulation of infected flocks followed by cleaning and disinfection of the premises. 
  • The yield of monovalent pandemic vaccine per year would be a maximum of 500 million doses – that is, approximately one third of the yield of seasonal vaccine strains. Moreover, if two doses of vaccine were to be needed to induce protective immunity, as currently believed, only 250 million people would receive a full vaccination course in one year.
  • The goal of the Global Vaccine Action Plan is to increase capacity for the production of influenza pandemic vaccine in order to reduce the anticipated gap between potential vaccine demand and supply during a pandemic. The success of this Action Plan depends on collaborative effort and the engagement of countries, the vaccine industry, the research community and donors to sustain their commitment over a period of 5–10 years.
General Information
  • The story of a vaccine
  • Vaccine
  • Flu vaccine
  • Vaccines--How and Why?
  • The Main Types of Vaccines
  • Different Types of Vaccine
  • Poultry Medicines
  • Vaccination of Small Poultry Flocks


  • Manufacturing Safe and Effective Vaccines

  • The Veterinary Biological Industry and the Production of Human Pandemic Influenza Vaccines in Mexico 
  • Annual Influenza Vaccine Production Timeline
  • Vaccine Production in Cells
  • Bird Flu Needs Better, Modern Vaccine Production Methods
  • Vaccine preparation procedure

Company Profiles

  • Lah Poultry Vaccines
  • Bio-Med (P). Limited
  • Hester Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Schweitzer Biotech Company
  • Vaishali Lifecare Pvt. Ltd
  • Venkateshwara Hatcheries P. Ltd
  • Batra Farm Product (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • Ventri Biologicals


  • R.S. Chauhan
  • Intota
  • Lasher-Bottorff
  • Dr Philippe VANNIER
  • Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited
  • Lawrence K. Silbart, Ph.D.
  • Thomas Michael Grimes
  • Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd
  • Demir Akin
  • Munson Healthcare Infectious Diseases Consultants


  • Coccidiosis Poultry Vaccine
  • Poultry Vaccine against E.colli air Sac Inflammation and Septicaemia
  • Poultry Vaccine 
  • Process for Production of Vaccines
  • C. perfringens alpha toxoid vaccine
  • Chicken anemia Virus Mutants and Vaccines and uses based on the viral Proteins 
  • Heterophil adapted Poultry vaccine
  • Live in ovo vaccine
  • Unit Package for Poultry Vaccination
  • Vaccine and Method for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Clostridioses of Animals and Poultry
  • Modular poultry automatic vaccine injection and spray apparatus 

Products and Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Poultry Vaccines Products List
  • Aquamix
  • Chilled tick fever vaccines
  • Nobilis® REO 1133
  • Broiler Industry Vaccines
  • Vaccines List
  • Combavac 3 in 1 Live tick Fever Vaccine Concentrate
  • Vaxsafe® HVT Vaccine


  • Respiratory Vaccine Reactions in Broilers 
  • Applications of pox virus vectors to vaccination
  • Responsible use of vaccines and vaccination in poultry production
  • The development of avian influenza vaccines for emergency use
  • Cell Culture-Derived Influenza Vaccine Technology
  • Effect of Maternally Derived Antibody on Vaccination Against Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro) with Live Vaccine in Broiler
  • Novel Technology for Production and Application of Biomolecules
  • Biotechnology for Vaccine Production
  • Poultry Drinking Water Used for Avian Influenza Surveillance


  • Q&A About Bird Flu Vaccine For Poultry
  • Guide on Avian influenza For Healthcare Professionals
  • Laboratory Operating Manual for Poultry Vaccines

Policy and Regulations

  • A Potential Influenza Pandemic: An Update on Possible Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Issues 
  • Hospital Policy for Responding to Pandemic Influenza
  • Vaccine Policy Issues
  • Management of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus: Policy for Impact and Management of Swine
  • Animal Use Policy Document
  • Quality Control of Vaccine Production
  • The Avian Influenza Regulations 2007


  • 2006-07 Influenza Vaccine Production & Distribution
  • The Economics of Vaccine Manufacturing, Distribution, and Delivery: Past, Present, and Future 
  • Global Pandemic influenza action Plan to Increase Vaccine Supply
  • Key Concepts: Economics of Vaccine Production 
  • Asia, manufacturing hub of the world
  • Demand for animal biologicals on the rise
  • Green Movement Pays for Georgia Poultry Company
  • Imugene Avian Influenza Poultry Vaccine Reaches 100% Efficacy In US Trials


  • Feasibility of Production of Human AI Vaccine in AI vaccine Manufacturers in China 
  • Hester Pharma registers a growth of 348% in Net Profit and 120% in Sales
  • Merial appoints Hester Pharmaceuticals as their exclusive distributor in India for Poultry vaccines
  • Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards on the requests from the Commission related to the use of vaccines for the control of Salmonella in poultry
  • An Influenza Pandemic Vaccine Strategy
  • Appropriate vaccination and therapies for rural poultry flocks in developing countries and their relevance to developed countries 
  • Preliminary Data on Veterinary Vaccine Production/ Needs in some Countries of the Near East
  • Influenza pandemic preparedness and response


  • Efficacy of V HR Newcastle Disease Vaccine in Broiler Birds in Bangladesh
  • Eu-Funded Research Project
  • Newcastle Disease Control and Rural Poultry Production in Selected Areas in Two Agro-Ecological Zones of Uganda
  • Vaccination of poultry against avian influenza: epidemiological rules of thumb and experimental quantification of the effectiveness of vaccination 
  • Application of Biological and Molecular Techniques to the diagnosis and Control of Avain Influenza and other Emerging Poultry Pathogens
  • Evaluation of Novel Adjuvant  in Recombinant Poultry Vaccine 

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Advanced Agri Solutions Inc
  • Poultry Vaccines Suppliers Directory
  • Immuno-Vet Services CC
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Selling Leads of Poultry Vaccines
  • Pacificvet
  • Exporters of Poultry Vaccines
  • Tolbert Bantams and Poultry Supply Co
  • Importers of Poultry Vaccines
  • Foreign Importers & Buyers
  • Poultry Vaccines Buyers List


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