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  • The concept of burning coal that has been pulverized into a fine powder stems from the belief that if the coal is made fine enough, it will burn almost as easily and efficiently as a gas.
  • The feeding rate of coal according to the boiler demand and the amount of air available for drying and transporting the pulverized coal fuel is controlled by computers.
  • Cyclone furnaces were developed after pulverized coal systems and require less processing of the coal fuel. They can burn poorer grade coals with higher moisture contents and ash contents to 25%.
  • The crushed coal feed is either stored temporarily in bins or transported directly to the cyclone furnace.
  • Pulverized coal injection was developed in 19th century, but was not implemented industrially until the 1970s. Rises in the cost of coke cost due to increased global demand and thus more competition for the resource have made this method attractive
    to the iron producing industries and increased its value.
  • The PCI method is based on the simple concept of primary air (termed the "conveying gas") carrying pulverized coal which injected through a lance to the tuyere (mid- bottom inlet of a blast furnace), then mixed with secondary hot air (termed the "blast") supplied through a blowpipe in the tuyere and then piped to a furnace to create a
    balloon-like cavity called a "raceway", which then propagates coal and coke
    combustion and melts the solid iron ore, releasing molten iron.
  • Better understanding of the raceway and PCI method can optimize the performance of
    a blast furnace and reduce costs.
  • Further improvements to the PCI method and the use of coal blend (mixing different coals) injection methods are attracting industry.
  • In a Pulverized Coal (PC) plant, the coal is ground into fine particles and blown into a furnace where combustion takes place.
  • The heat from the combustion of coal is used to generate steam to supply a steam turbine that drives a generator to make electricity.
  • In addition to subcritical pulverized coal (PC) technologies that are widely used today, the technologies which are part of total proposed projects include Circulating Fluid Bed (CFB) technology, Supercritical PC, Ultra Supercritical PC, and Integrated Combined Cycle Gasification (IGCC). Subcritical
    pulverized coal technologies appear to have advantages in total plant cost, and PC and CFB technologies provide the lowest cost of electricity per kWh.
  • A recent report by the National Coal Council asserts that “new high-efficiency power plant designs using advanced pulverized coal combustion and gasification could reduce (compared to existing coal plants) more than 500 million metric tonnes (MMt) of CO2 over the lifetime of those plants, even without installing a system to capture CO2 from the exhaust gases.”
  • Pulverized coal (PC)
  • Constituent materials of concrete
  • 250 MW Single-Reheat with Pulverized Coal Boiler
  • Power (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle)
  • Coal fired power generation


  • Pulverized coal
  • Pulverized coal bio-oil pellets
  • Particles of  Pulverized coal


  • Finex technology
  • Pulverized coal injection method
  • Pulverized coal systems
  • Pulverized coal injection
  • Explosion protection in Pulverized coal processes
  • Coal water mixture production technology

Power Plant

  • PC plant manufacturers from Florida
  • PC plant manufacturers from France
  • PC plant manufacturers from Kolkata
  • PC plant manufacturers from Korea
  • PC plant manufacturers from Philippines
  • A Pulverized Coal Plant in Indiana U.S
  • PC plant manufacturers from Switzerland
  • Pulverized Coal-Fired Subcritical Plant

Turnkey project

  • Completed lump-sum turnkey projects
  • Pulverized fuel injection
  • Turnkey project provider from Finland
  • Pulverized coal and IGCC plant cost and performance estimates
  • Project overview
  • Harbour coal project description
  • Plum point energy station

Combustion technology

  • Numerical simulations of Pulverized coal combustion
  • Oxy-combustion in Pulverized coal powder plants for carbon dioxide concentration
  • Numerical analysis of Pulverized coal combustion characteristics using advanced low-nox burner
  • Advanced Pulverized Coal Combustion
  • Pulverized coal combustion system
  • Coal combustion methods


  • Plasma ignition technology for pulverized coal burners
  • Pulverized coal technologies
  • Pulverized Coal Injection for Blast Furnaces
  • Clean coal generation technologies for new power plants
  • Clean coal technology
  • Advancements in coal technology


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Equipment suppliers

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  • Consultancy from Beijing
  • Consultancy from China
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  • Another Consultancy from U.S.A


  • Pulverized coal Oxycombustion power plants
  • Higher Efficiency Power Generation Reduces Emissions
  • The Turnkey Factory: Technology Transfer from America to Spain in the Portland Cement Industry
  • Alstom to supply NID™ emission control system for the Homer City Generating Station
  • Coal or Wind?
  • Innovative foundations


  • Water Use at Pulverized Coal Power Plants with Postcombustion Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Radiative Heat Transfer in Pulverized Coal Combustion: Effects of Gas and Particles Distributions
  • Pulverized Coal Power Plant with CO2 Capture based on Absorption – Integration Study
  • Minimizing NOx with the Innovative AireJetTM Pulverized Coal Burner
  • Improved Coal Pulverization Method Using the Embrittlement due to Cracks Generated in Pores of Coal
  • Experimental studies on the structure of Pulverized coal flames

Pulverized coal burner

  • Pulverized coal burner
  • Inside a coal fired burner
  • Pulverized coal burner for fertilizer machine
  • Pulverized coal burner PCB-MJT-80


  • Pulverized coal burner device
  • Pulverized coal combustion burner
  • Pulverized coal injection lance
  • Pulverized coal fuel injector
  • Pulverized coal flow controller
  • Ignition burner apparatus for pulverized coal
  • Pulverized coal carriability improver
  • Pulverized coal firing method and equipment therefor
  • Pulverized coal burner, pulverized coal boiler and method of burning pulverized coal
  • Supplying pulverized coal to a coal-fired furnace

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