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  • Pumice is a textural term for a volcanic rock that is a solidified frothy lava composed of highly microvesicular glass pyroclastic with very thin, translucent bubble walls of extrusive igneous rock.
  • Pumice is considered a glass because it has no crystal structure.
  • Pumice is volcanic rock formed during explosive eruptions and resembles a sponge, because it consists of a network of gas bubbles frozen amidst fragile volcanic components and minerals.
  • Since pumice is a volcanic rock, and retains its useful properties only when it is young and unaltered, pumice deposits are found in
    areas with young volcanic fields.
  • Pumice is highly vesicular silicic to mafic foam, which will commonly float on water.
  • Pumice rocks are igneous rocks which were formed when lava cooled quickly above ground.
  • Methods of exploration include digging wells and trenches.
  • Pumice is widely used to make lightweight concrete or insulative low-density 'breeze-block' type bricks.
  • "Pumice stones" are often used in salons during the pedicure process to remove dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot as well as calluses.
  • The volcanic soils with their natural structure, the decayed plants, with the supplement nourishment that were provided by animal
    and human life; it provides very convenient milieu in order to grow plant.
  • The pumice stone gives opportunity to do the cleaning without giving damage to the surface of building, because of the pumiceís soft abrading feature.
  • The pumice is used again as a material for television tube correction, glass polishing, cut glass completing.
  • The remainder of the pumice mined is used in abrasives, horticulture, landscaping, and for washing blue jeans.
  • In the United States, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Oregon are the major producers of pumice, accounting for the majority of the nationís pumice and pumicite production
  • Pumiceís abrasive nature makes it a useful ingredient in soaps, cleansers, and dental products.
  • Pumice
  • Pumice - Intro
  • The Rock - Pumice
  • Pumice Rocks
  • Sources
  • Pumice - Info


  • Pumice Brush Combo
  • Pumice Typical Screen Analysis of Grades
  • Product information page
  • Pumice Powder
  • Pumice Stone on Rope


  • Winsor and Newton Acrylic Pumice Texture Gel
  • Pumice
  • Utrecht Acrylic Pumice Stone Medium
  • Pumice Powder
  • Pumice - MSDS
  • Pumice Soap
  • #140 with Pumice


  • Artificial Pumice Stone
  • Pumice Stone with a Carbon Content, process for its production and its applications
  • Pumice Scrubbing Pad
  • Pumice Containing Composition
  • Removal of Arsenic from water with oxidized Metal coated Pumice

Technology and Processing

  • Quantitative determination of analcime in pumice samples by X-ray diffraction
  • Pumice Technology
  • X-Ray Computed Microtomography Study on Pumice
  • Methods Extraction
  • The Processing of Pumice Stone


  • Production in the year 2000
  • Production in the year 2001
  • Production in the year 2002
  • Production in the year 2003
  • Production in the year 2004
  • Production in the year 2005
  • Production in the year 2006
Commodity Profiles
  • 2002 Profile
  • 2003 Profile
  • 2004 Profile
  • 2005 Profile
  • 2006 Profile
  • 2007 Profile
  • 2008 Profile


  • Pumice to promote silky smooth and velvety soft feet
  • Effect of Pumice Amendment on Physical Soil Properties and Strawberry Plant Growth
  • Immobilization of TiO2 on pumice stone for the photocatalytic degradation of dyes and dye industry pollutants
  • Pumice Uses
  • Uses of Pumice in Construction
  • Uses of Pumice
  • What are the Uses of Pumice?

Company Profiles
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from California
  • Company from India
  • Company from Italy
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from Idaho
  • Company from Texas
  • Company from Indonesia
  • Company from Columbia
  • Company from Turkey
  • Pumice Manufacturers
  • Indian Suppliers
  • Suppliers
  • Sinai pumice linked to ancient eruption
  • Conical Cups and Pumice, Aegean cult at Tel Nami, Israel
  • Fair Trade Assisted Project
  • Pumice from Haylmore, Bridge river, British Columbia
  • Pumice Aggregates for Internal Water Curing
  • Pumice
  • Pumice As A Time Witness

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