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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Waste materials of LCD can be recycled in the production process for reuse in upcoming products.
  • Process makes it possible to separate rare materials  so they can be reused as secondary raw material.
  • Complete separation of the materials is achieved with the output of recycled waste streams. These include the LCD panel and diffuser sheets, the CCFL tubes and the LCD television/monitor shell.
  • LCD's are widely used in notebooks, mobile phone, pocket calculators, TVs, large signboards etc.
  • Efficient innovative process has been investigated to recover the liquid crystals from LCD devices and recycling of the remaining materials of the device including plastics & glasses.
  • Research in to the liquid crystal mixtures will be recycle in to individual components for re-sale.
  • LCD glass partly replaces the melting sand for the separation of noble and base metals.
  • Benefits of Recycling of lcd are 1.Cost saving of Raw Materials, 2.Attached electronics of LCD are recycled in the same process, 3.Recovery rate is nearly 100%.
  • Main goal of this project is to recover metals like indium, high cost material(Liquid Crystal), high quality glass recycle.
  • At present, Many companies awaiting the arrival of technology which will allow to recycled efficiently and also stock-piling waste lcd screens.
  • Automated LCD recycling is anticipated to have a maximum turnover so this innovative technology meets a great demand in the market.


  • Recycling Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).
  • LCD Recycling.
  • Recycling Indium form LCD Waste.
  • Challenges of LCD Recycling.
  • LCD Recycling Technology.
  • Developing Technology to recover indium from waste lcd panels.


  • Automated LCD Recycling.
  • Reclaiming of Liquid Crystals form waste LCDs.
  • Innovative Process for Recycling of LCD Screens.
  • Recycling Process of LCD Monitors.
  • Process of dismantling and sorting of CRT-TV.
  • Automation Process flowchart of LCD Recycle.


  • Use of LCD and process for the recycling.
  • LCD with Complimentary heterogeneous polarizes for polarization light recycling.


  • ReLCD Project Report.
  • Liquid Crystal Display Re-use and Recycling.


  • Recycling machine LCD monitor dismantling machine.
  • LCD Recycling.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from UK.
  • Company2 from UK.
  • Company1 from USA.
  • Company2 from USA.
  • Company from Thailand.

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  • Consultancy from USA.
  • Consultancy1 from UK.
  • Consultancy2 from UK.


  • Recycling thin film transistor LCD waste glass produced as glass-ceramics.
  • Recycling the Liquid Crystal Displays.
  • New Legislation Complaint recovery processes for LCDS.
  • Characterizing components of LCD to facilitate disassembly.


  • Recycling of LCD Displays.
  • Character of mercury in waste LCD backlights.
  • Demonstration of Flat panel Display recycling technologies.
  • Recycling of LCD Screens.
  • Recovery of Liquid crystals and recycling of LCD.
  • New tools to aid in recycling flat-screen monitors.


  • Stena Debuts LCD Screen recycling process.
  • Recycling lives manual lcd recycling methods approved by environment agency.

Market Demands

  • Disposal of Flat panel display monitors in Switzerland.
  • LCD screening technology to dominate market.


  • Recycling critical raw materials from waste electronic equipment.

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