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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Automotive recycling
    processes involve processes that are collection,
    transportation de-pollution, dismantling, shredding, melting, and disposal.
  • In India there are no regulations and directives like
    in Europe regarding End-of-Life Management of Vehicles
    which can cause designers to think about the effective automotive recovery at the design stage.
  • As the design of modern vehicles is concerned more on efficiency, lighter materials are used. This leads to reduced metallic fraction of these automobiles, and there is an increase in components of glass, fabrics and polymers
  • There is a high demand for metal than it is there for these other materials where it emerges from the shredder
  • During the computation cost, the dismantler must
    consider other factors like the cost of getting the End of Life Vehicles, the cost of extraction, storage and distribution of parts that can be sold, the cost of extracting and removing parts that are not required by the shredder in the stripped car, the price of used parts that can be sold and the price of the car would be sold in a stripped
Basic Information
  • Recycling of End-of-life Vehicles
  • Recycling Automobiles’ Carpet Scrap
  • Automobile Recycling Alternatives
  • Automobile Recyclers - USA
  • Initiative of Manufacturer
  • List of Facilities
Trade, Technology Scenario
  • Technology Information
  • Review of the Recycling activity
  • The Automobile Industry
  • End-of-Life Vehicle processing
  • Recovery from Shredder vehicle scrap
  • Automobile shredder residue Recycling promotion Team
  • The Automobile Recycling Industry in North America
  • Car Recycling Business in Japan
  • Recycling in Germany
  • Metallic automotive
  • Vehicle Recycling in the European Union
  • Availability of used Cars
  • Guide - Link to Blog
Regulatory Issues
  • EPR Recycling
  • Recycling Management
  • UK - Government Guidelines
  • Get Cash for Clunkers
  • Scotland Regulations
  • Developments in Germany
  • Developments in Asia
Scenario in India
  • Automobile Material Recycling
  • Guidelines - India
  • Rules - proposed
  • Market Survey

Project Information

  • Demo Project
  • Economics of Automobile recycling
  • Vehicle Recycling Facilities
  • Technology Details
  • Auto plastics:
    Growing opportunities for use of Recycled content and recovery
  • Recycling Steel and Iron Used In Automobiles
  • Scrap Specifications
  • Increased Value Recovery

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