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  • Brominated flame retardants on printed circuit boards, plastic
    casings, cables and PVC cable insulation that releases highly toxic
    dioxins and furans when burned to retrieve copper from the wires
  • An important copper recycling material is cable scrap
  • Mechanical dismantling of the cables is common practice through cutting, granulating and use of various metal separation techniques to separate the plastics and fluff from the metal
  • After cable material travels through shredders and granulators, a variety of equipment – gravity or air density tables, washing systems, fluidized bed units –can be used to further ensure that metallic choppings are free of plastic
  • The specialist field of cable recycling is in strong demand. With the copper, aluminium, lead and steel metals they contain, the lines are also extremely rich in recyclable resources.
  • e-Waste in India

Equipments Suppliers

  • Cable recycling plants and machinery
  • Small Plant for cable recycling
  • Waste Cable recycling plant
  • Rough Chopper
  • Separator
  • Separators
  • Recovery of fine copper

Technology Information

  • Cable waste processing
  • Recycling of Silane Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Cable

Companies & products

  • Company Iinformation
  • Range of products
  • List of recyclers

Project Information

  • Cable recycling
  • Cable scrap suppliers
  • Consultancy services
  • The U.S. Copper-base Scrap Industry and Its By-products
  • The recycling of PVC waste in Europe
  • Links to machinery suppliers
  • Jelly filled cable recycling
  • Sample Tender

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