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  • Recycling our Paper Cups Paper cups that are intended for liquids and hot drinks are typically constructed from a wet -strength high quality paper fibre. The cup is then internally lined with a very thin polyethylene (PE) coating.
    The PE coating found on most paper cups means additional methodologies are required for the recycling of a paper cup and it is not the same process as recovering standard paper waste.
  • Paper cups can be complicated for people who want to recycle. The cups do contain paper, of course, but a thin coating of plastic or wax makes the recycling process much more difficult than sheet of office paper.
  • The ability to separate the 5% polythene lining of paper cups from the 95% of reusable high quality fibre content was a landmark development for the paper industry. paper cup recycling process involves softening the waste in a warmed solution, separating the plastic coating from the fibre.The plastic is skimmed off, pulverized and recycled, leaving water and pulp. Impurities are filtered out leaving high grade pulp suitable for use in luxury papers and packaging materials. 87% of the water involved is also reused.
  • Disposable Cups
  • Plastic coated paper products
  • Choosing to reuse

Scrap Processing Information

  • Processing used cups
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Advantage - Foam cups

Technology Information

  • Innovative Technology
  • Cup Stock collection & recycling process
  • Two Part Recyclable cup
  • Recyclable Acrylic coated Paper Stock

Companies & products

  • Paper Cups, Recycling Now In Progress
  • Foam Cup recycling
  • Barrier Coating
  • Keep Cup

Outlook for Recycling

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Disposable Coffee Cup Waste Reduction Study
  • PLA for Paper Coating
  • Green Coat
  • Ceiling tiles and wallboard from recycled polyethylene-coated cups

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