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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Sachets were first introduced to India in the 1990ís by an Indian company selling a 10-milliliter sachet of Velvette shampoo. Before the sachet, shampoo in India was only available in larger bottles, therefore limiting its sales success among people with small incomes . Sachets meet the needs of the rural consumer in several ways. Sachets are inexpensive, they occupy a small amount of space, and they allow consumers to experiment with new products that they may never have tried before
  • Sachet marketing defined as the practice of serving products and services in small, affordable size has been in prevalent use in the emerging markets such as Philippines, India and Indonesia
  • SACHET MARKETING: The most effective way of influencing a customer to try out a product is to offer him enough for a trial. The latest initiatives taken up by most of the successful newly launched products are Sachet Marketing. This is where the producers make available the product to the customer for either of the two main goals: Offer the customer affordability. Give the customer the opportunity to try out the product.
    Here, the main objective is to convince the customers that the shampoos are indeed gentle enough to be used for the desired results. Hence, the product is offered in sachet, besides being made available in normal sized packs.
  • The biggest factors determining sachet sales are: 1) number of stores per 1,000 population, number of corner stores per capita, 2) Frequency of use, 3) Percentage of daily laborers (there you have daily, weekly, casual laborers), 4) Strength of particular companies
  • The single portion sachet  revolutionizes convenience packaging for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical liquids and cream


Basic Information

  • Active Packaging

  • Packaging Herbs & Spices

  • Stand-up Pouch

  • Sachet Sizes

  • Marketing to the Have-Less

  • Pouch Future Trends

Industry Information
  • Food Processing Mechanization in India - profile 2010
  • Food Processing Equipments
  • Packaging Sector 2009
  • Report on Markets for spices & Herbs - 1999
  • Report on Markets for spices & Herbs - 2009

Project Information

  • Project Feasibility sample- Sachets packing Tea
  • Noodles Production & packaging
  • Microbial quality -Sachet Water
  • Milk in Sachets
  • Sachet packing machine suppliers and exporters
  • Sachet Packer
  • Machinery suppliers
  • Australian Machinery
  • Italian Machinery
  • Machinery from Turkey
  • Pouch Machine
  • Pouches in Sacks system
  • Single Lane Stand-up Pouch Machine
  • Sachet Machinery - Italy : Monodose Powder
  • Snap Sachet making machine
  • Snap Sachet Dispenser Packaging

Technology Information

  • Active films for food packaging application
  • Process Management in Pouch Making
  • Design and development of packages for traditional food products
  • Moisture Control
  • Sachet Packed drinking water
  • Pinhole reduction in Sachets
  • Oxygen - absorbing sachets
  • Antimicrobial sachet packaging
  • The Standard for sterilization packaging
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Innovative Food Packaging Solutions
  • Innovations in Stand Up Pouches

Trade, Companies & Products

  • Understanding Consumer Market
  • Company profile - Sachet & Pouches manufacturer
  • Sachet Marketing
  • Marketing sachets in emerging markets
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Nano fragrance Sachet
  • Veterinary product
  • The Cross Check fumigation sachet
  • Spices in Pouch
  • Indian Company - major player
  • Company profile - India
  • India-China Venture
  • Delhi Company
  • American Company
  • Company Performance
  • Medical Pouch Market - video
  • Taiwanese company & products
  • Coin Sachet Systems

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