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  • Mechanical pulp can also be used in paper making. Mechanical pulp is produced when the wood fibers are separated from each other through a grinding process. Mechanical pulp is used in the making of printing paper because it has good printing properties.
  • Chemical pulp production is the cooking of the wood raw material with chemicals. Cooking is necessary to remove the binding agents from the wood. Chemicals and heat are used to dissolve the lignin, the binding agent that holds the wood fibers together.
  • The raw material used to make pulp includes wood from thinnings, saw-timber tree tops, chips and sawdust
  • The recovery and utilization of the black liquor produced in the pulping process is an essential part of the pulp production process. Half of the wood raw material is utilized as chemical pulp fiber. The other half is utilized as fuel for electricity and heat generation
 General Information
  • The process of Paper making
  • Utilisation of sawdust and wood chip screenings

Manufacturing process

  • Chemical Pulp Production
  • Kraft Process
  • Kraft Pulping

Company Profiles

  • Multinational Company
  • Pulp & Paper Mill in Finland
  • Company in India


  • Consultancy Centre
  • Technology Source


  • Sawdust Cooking Development
  • Sawdust Cooking - Yield
  • Pulping Characteristics - sawdust
  • Kraft Pulp Yield


  • Pulp & Paper Industry - India
  • Sawdust suppliers
  • Environment Audit

Equipment Suppliers

  • Complete kraft Liner Plant
  • Digester specifications
  • Pulp Dryer
  • Pulp Press
  • Master Former
  • List of plant & Machinery suppliers

 Safety and Guides

  • Technical Guidance

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