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  • Sikacim is a highly effective liquid integral waterproofing admixture
  • For all types of concrete roof casting, beam, culvert, tunnel, sewerage works, virtually wherever watertight concrete is required
  • Colouring of concrete and mortar containing cement:
  • Concrete flagstones, decorative plaster, bagging slurries, all aestheti concrete
  • The uniformity of the colour depends on the uniformity and proportioning of the components in the mortar or concrete (cement, water, aggregates, additives and )
  • The atmospheric conditions during curing can influence the colour of the mortar and concrete, in particular at low temperatures and high humidity.
  • Easy to use predosed packs ,uv resistant, does not influence setting times
  • Can be used with other sika products such as cemflex and sika seal waterproofing Slurry.
  • Sikacim C is a liquid integral water proofing ad mixture for all type of concrete
  • Compatible with all varieties of portland cement including slag cement.
  • Required at a very small dosage hence convenient to handle.
  • Improves water tightness to a great extent.
  • Acts to disrupt the leakage causing capillary structures formed in concrete to cause leakages.
  • Rebound loss is minimum.
  • No added chloride.
  • Supplied in consumer friendly packs.
  • Sikacim waterproofing admixture
  • Agrochemicals
    ficci report on the specialty chemical industry
  • Tinjauan kuat lentur panel menggunakan bahan
    pampas tebu dan sikacim bonding adhesive
  • Applicator waterproofing Indonesia


  • Synthetic coloured powder for cement, concrete and plaster
  • Sikacim® paver® is a compaction aid for no-slump concrete.
  • Sikacim® hidrofugo liquido pre-doseado para saco de cimento
  • Sika® -1
    integral normal setting waterproofing compound for mortar
  • Sika® plaster mix
    brick laying and plaster


  • Sikacim fibres
  • Sikacim no crack concrete


  • Fibre and powder admixture for concrete 
  • Colorant mortier/béton ocre sikacim color 400 g
  • Colorant mortier/béton brun sikacim color 700 g
  • Sikacim® concrete additive
  • Concrete admixtures
  • Sika® product handbook user information
  • Sikacim hydrofuge en sachet dose de 500 ml
  • Sikacim concrete additive
  • Sikacim® waterproofer
  • Sikacim colour za

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  • Sika user manual


  • Sika user manual waterproofing admixtures
  • Sika® plastocrete super
  • Sikacim.(liquid form)
  • Sikacim waterproofing admixture
  • Sika seal waterproofing slurry

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