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  • Silk reeling, also called winding silk energy, refers to a set of neigong movement principles expressed in traditional styles of t'ai chi ch'uan, but especially emphasised by the Chen and Wu styles of t'ai chi ch'uan. The name derives from the metaphorical principle of "reeling the silk from a silk
    worm's cocoon".
  • Silk Reeling is the process by which a number of cocoon baves are reeled together to produce a single thread.
  • Cocoons should not be too flossy. Floss merely adds to the weight of cocoons when yielding silk for reeling. Cocoons should have well-rounded and firm ends and must not have too pronounced points.
  • The cooked cocoons sink in water at the time of reeling.
  • Re reeling is done to transfer the raw silk into standard sized hanks.
  • Raw silk reeling may be classified by direct reeling method on a standard sized reel, indirect method of reeling on small reels, and the transfer of reeled silk from small reels onto standard sized reels on a re-reeling machine. The last technique is primarily applied in modern silk reeling processes.
  • The Automatic reeling machine mechanizes the processes of groping ends, picking ends; cocoon feeding to reeling thread and separation of dropped end cocoons during the reeling process.
  • Reeling velocity is defined as the winding speed of raw silk on the reel. The reeling velocity is measured as the length of raw silk reeled during 1 minute or as the revolution number of the reel per minute.
  • Sericulture is concentrated mainly in the states of West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • Silk production was started in America in the early 17th Century when bounties were offered to settlers in Virginia, Georgia and Carolina.
General Information
  • Manuals published, Technologies developed for the development of Silk reeling industry.
  • Silk Reeling / Reeling Silk
  • What is Silk Reeling


  • Factory from China
  • Factory from Nepal
  • Factory from Salem
  • Factory from Uzbekistan


  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Karnataka
  • Consultant from Philippine
  • Consultant from Mysore
  • Consultant from Bangalore
  • Consultant from Delhi


  • Agglomeration or Selection? The Case of the Japanese Silk-reeling Industry
  • A Managerial Analysis of The Performance of The
    Silk Reeling Industry in India Through Simulation
  • Study of stoves used in the silk-reeling industry


  • Mulberry Silk Reeling
  • Silk Reeling Technology
  • Technology intervention to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of silk reeling sector
  • Reeling & Re-Reeling Technique
  • Possibilities for producing High Quality Raw Silk and Fostering a Skilled Work Force in the Indian
    Silk-reeling Industry


  • The Mechanical Reeling Of Silk
  • An energy efficient re-reeling process for silk reeling industry to reduce deforestation
  • Silk Reeling
  • Silk Reeling and testing manual
  • Reeling Silk
  • Silk reeling machine
  • Silk-reeling apparatus
  • Filament supplier for silk-reeling service
  • Cocoon-dropping apparatus for use in silk-reeling machines
  • Automatic silk-reeling process and device thereto

Machinery Suppliers

  • Cocoon Cooking Machine
  • Cocoon Drying Machine
  • Illumination Equipment
  • Seri plane Machine
  • Vacuum Equipment
  • Silk reeling Peripheral machines

Function & Report

  • Silk Reeling Energy
  • Influence of Different Environmental Conditions on Cocoon Parameters and Their Effects on Reeling Performance of Bivoltine Hybrids of Silkworm, Bombyx mori. L.
  • Central Silk Board - Annual Report
  • Inauguration of Automatic Silk Reeling Unit at Ramanagaram
  • Report on the integrated sericulture development project for andra pradesh
  • Silk Reeling and Spinning Mill Project
  • Social Service Sericulture project trust


  • Sericulture in East Africa
  • Between Cottage and Factory: the Evolution of Chinese and Japanese Silk-Reeling Industries in the Latter Half of 19th Century
  • Economics of Silk reeling with reference to production and marketing in Karnataka


  • Silk-Reeling Unit Suppliers
  • Silk-Reeling Unit Selling leads
  • Silk-Reeling Unit Sellers
  • Silk-Reeling Unit China Suppliers
  • Silk-Reeling Unit Netherlands Suppliers
  • Silk-Reeling Unit Traders

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