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  • The silverware industry produces liquid and solid scrap. Most of the liquid waste is produced by the silver plating segment of the industry. Solid wastes are mostly from the production of sterling ware.
  • Catalyst formulations are closely held proprietary technology. Silver-bearing scrap generated during the early stages of the catalyst production process is simply returned to the process.
  • Scrap that is generated at a later stage of the process, such as end-of-life catalysts or a substrate that has already been coated with silver, is usually sent to a toll refiner for the recovery of silver.
  • Companies that manufacture semi finished and final products that contain silver and other precious metals reprocess virtually all scrap generated for precious-metals recovery.
  • Silver scrap is generated primarily in the industrialized countries, which indicates that demand for silver is skewed toward industrial nations. Also, silver-bearing scrap is mostly from electronics and photographic sources.
  • The Supply of Silver is based on two facts, mine production and recycled Silver scraps. Fifteen countries produce roughly 94 percent of the worlds Silver from mines.
  • he most notable producers are Mexico, Peru, the United States, Canada and Australia. Mexico, the largest producer of Silver from mines.
  • The supply of Silver grew only marginally, but the total supply of Silver from scrap has increased dramatically in the last decade as more advanced methods of recycling has been developed.
  • Recycled silver scrap is the second largest source of silver, totalling about 20 per cent of global supply.
  • The contemporary European silver cycle
  • Silver Recycling in the United States in 2000
  • Silver refining
  • Refining scrap silver


  • Document made available under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
  • Method for recovering metals from waste liquors
  • Recovery of silver from photographic films by high shear conditions
  • Process for recovering silver from scrap materials and electrolyte composition for use therein
  • Recovery of platinum group metals, gold and silver from scrap
  • Method for recovery of terephthalic acid from polyester scrap
  • Method of recovering silver
  • Non-toxic process for recovery of photographic silver

Company Profiles

  • Company from Hawaii
  • Company from UK
  • Company from New York
  • Company from Florida
  • Company from Pennsylvania


  • Consultant from Massachusetts
  • Consultant from Florida
  • Consultant from Washington DC
  • Consultant from India


  • Environment policy
  • Quality policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • The silver market in 2002
  • The silver market in 2006
  • GFMS Interim Silver Market Review
  • The case for silver supply limitations and emergent demand underpin strong performance
  • Silver salvation market
  • Silver supply
  • The Outlook For World Silver Production
  • Fundamentals in place for a strong rise in the silver price
  • Production, import, use and disposal of silver


  • Recycling metals
  • Sunshine precious metals refinery
  • The silver recycling company inc.
  • A message from silver eagle refinery
  • Silver statistics- U.S. geological survey
  • World silver survey 2006 a summary
  • Silver production and uses


  • Silver refiners and buyers
  • Scrap film buyers
  • JHCB buyers
  • Silver scrap buyers


  • Scrap metal suppliers
  • Manufacturing of metals
  • Silver scrap suppliers
  • Suppliers of silver scrap
  • Manufacturers of silver scrap
  • Trade leads of steel scrap

Machinery Suppliers

  • Venus precious metals refinery
  • Silver recovery unit
  • Refining- gold, silver and platinum
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