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  • Sodium acetate, also known as sodium ethanoate, is a salt of acetic acid, the substance that makes vinegar taste sour.
  • Sodium acetate (NaO2C2H3) is a colorless crystalline compound, which is known as anhydrous salt or trihydrate.
  • Sodium acetate can be made in a lab by reacting acetic acid with sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), or sodium hydroxide (NaOH). If sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate is used, carbon dioxide (a gas) will be released. If sodium hydroxide is used, water is the byproduct.
  • It can be made by mixing 750 ml of 8 percent acetic acid (vinegar) with 84 g of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), making 82 grams of sodium acetate in water.
  • Sodium Acetate Anhydrous is a white powder that is used as a food preservative in the process-food industry and as a buffering solution in many biochemical applications.
  • Sodium acetate is a widely used reagent in molecular biology applications. It is used as a buffer in conjunction with acetic acid, in the buffering range of pH 3.6 - 5.6.
  • Large scale applications of sodium acetate include its use as a retardant in plastics manufacturing, as a mordant in dyeing, and in the tanning of leather.
  • It is used in electroplating, as buffers in petroleum production, in food preservation and for drilling mud. It is simply made through a reaction of acetic acid with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate.
  • Sodium acetate is the chemical with a variety of industrial uses, notably in the textile industry. It is also used in many common products, including instant heating pads.
  • In pest control, sodium acetate is under study for use as a component of nematicides.
  • Sodium acetate neutralizes the very strong sulfuric acid found in waste streams.
  • Sodium acetate, a common chemical, has wide applications. China is one of the main sodium acetate suppliers in the world, with domestic consumption larger than export.
  • The large domestic demand has attracted about 100 companies to produce sodium acetate as of Feb. 2009, and the production technology of sodium acetate is very simple and traditional.


  • Sodium acetate
  • General information
  • Hot Ice
  • General facts
  • Chemical identification
  • Sodium acetate injection


  • Single-step printing of cellulose fibers with triphen-dioxazine reactive dyes and with sodium acetate or sodium trichloro-acetate as alkali
  • Powdered nonionic-based detergent compositions containing sodium acetate trihydrate
  • Process of degumming fatty glycerides using sodium acetate and acetic acid buffer
  • Alkaline earth metal sodium acetate, a process for its preparation and its use
  • Process for preparing glucose penta-acetate and xylose tetra-acetate
  • Acetic anhydride and acetate ester co-production


  • Utilization of Sodium Acetate by Shigella and Escherichia
  • Metabolism of Sodium Acetate-1-C'4 and Palmitic Acid-l-C14 in the Pantothenic Acid-deficient Rat
  • The influence of sodium acetate upon the dissociation of a strain of hemolytic streptococcus
  • Sodium dichloroacetate selectively targets cells with defects in the mitochondrial ETC
  • Effect of PET on the crystallization of lithium/sodium acetate glasses studied by isothermal and non-isothermal kinetic methods
  • Aerobic Biological Treatability Study of Sodium Acetate
  • Acetate replacing factors for lactic acid bacteria


  • Life Cycle Inventory of Sodium Acetate and Expanded Graphite
  • How is Sodium acetate made
  • How to produce Sodium acetate


  • Sodium acetate trihydrate
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate MSDS
  • AccuGENEŽ 3M Sodium Acetate Solution
  • Sodium Acetate Solution 97%
  • 3M Sodium acetate
  • Sodium Acetate anhydrous
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate MSDS
  • Sodium acetate Datasheet
  • Sodium acetate Powder


  • Manufacturers of Sodium acetate
  • Suppliers of Sodium acetate
  • Exporters of Sodium acetate
  • Sodium acetate Suppliers
  • List of Indian Suppliers


  • Company from California
  • Company1 from China
  • Company2 from China
  • Company3 from China
  • Company4 from China
  • Company from Germany
  • Company from Hyderabad
  • Company1 from Mumbai
  • Company2 from Mumbai
  • Company3 from Mumbai
  • Company from Singapore
  • Company from U.S.A


  • Consultancy1 from India
  • Consultancy2 from India
  • Consultancy from Minneapolis
  • Consultancy from Mumbai


  • Product specification
  • Tetraspan
  • Sodium acetate product information
  • Sodium acetate, Sodium ethanoate
  • 3M Sodium acetate
  • Sodium acetate food grade
  • Sodium acetate facts
  • Emprove Sodium acetate
  • Cryotech
  • Sodium acetate anhydrous


  • Uses for Sodium Acetate Trihydrate
  • Uses for Sodium acetate
  • Continuous Photo-hydrogen Production from Acetate Using
    Rhodopseudomonas Palustris
  • Latent heat recovery from supercooled Sodium acetate trihydrate using a brush heat exchanger
  • Dyes and Dyeing Glossary


  • Role of acetate in the reduction of plasma free fatty acids produced by ethanol in man
  • Biological report
  • Evaluation report on the analytical methods
  • Performance and Impacts of Current Deicing and Anti-icing Products
  • Paradigm for industrial strain improvement identifies sodium acetate

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