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  • Sodium thyocyanate  is the chemical compound with the formula NaSCN.
  • This colorless deliquescent salt is one of the main sources of the thiocyanate anion.
  • As such, it is used as a precursor for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals.
  • Thiocyanate salts are typically prepared by the reaction of cyanide with elemental sulfur.
  • Sodium thiocyanate is employed to convert alkyl halides into the corresponding alkylthiocyanates.
  • Closely related reagents include ammonium thiocyanate and potassium thiocyanate, which has twice the solubility in water.
  • Silver thiocyanate may be used as well; the precipitation of insoluble silver halides help simplify workup.
  • Treatment of isopropyl bromide with sodium thiocyanate in a hot ethanolic solution affords isopropyl thiocyanate.
  • Protonation of sodium thiocyanate affords isothiocyanic acid.
  • The saxs technique is used to throw light on the morphology of
    phase-separated poly(ethylene oxide) –sodium n thiocyanate [(PEO) NaSCN] mixtures.
  • A temperature-dependent
    investigation is reported for (PEO) NaSCN.
  • (PEO) NaSCN mixtures show a complex phase behaviour.
  • At the investigated composition, a crystalline complex  is
    formed between PEO and NaSCN.
  • Sodium thiocyanate, a chemical, is
    used in the purification of the clotting factors FVIII and FIX.
  • It has been shown to inactivate certain viruses.
  • Thiocyanates can be used in different
    applications in the textile, in construction industry and each thiocyanate has its own specific applications.
  • High quality crystals of tetragonal lysozyme were grown using constant supersaturation control growth algorithms.
  • Working toward the goal of inducing increased temperature sensitivity in protein crystallization.
  • These results have been extended to low ionic strength systems using salts such as NaSCN and NaNO3 in
    lieu of NaCl.
  • Using the combination of calorimetrically-determined growth rate parameters and constant
    supersaturation temperature control algorithms.
  • Single crystals have been grown in NaSCN and NaNO3 buffer systems.
  • The improvement in quality of these lysozyme crystals upon employing temperature controlled growth is striking.
  • When compared to crystals grown using more traditional methods these crystals are quite large, and
    show few, or no, obvious defects.
  • Preliminary crystal quality assessment via X-ray diffraction studies are encouraging.
  • NaSCN, an inhibitor of
    hydrophobic interactions, reduced the number of cells.
  • Which adsorbed to pellicles to a greater extent than NaCl or KCl when both low and high strepto coccal concentrations were used in assays.
  • Crystals of NaSCN were easily grown from a solution in methanol.
  • Virus removal and prion removal.
  • The action of sodium sulphocyanide on muscle
  • Sodium thiocyanate basic information.
  • General information about sodium cyanate.
  • Treatment of Essential Hypertension with Sodium Thiocyanate

properties & Application

  • Sodium Thiocyanate properties.
  • Thermodynamic properties of NaSCN.
  • Application of thiocyanate components
  • Application in chemical synthesies.

Data Sheets

  • Sodium thiocyanate data sheet.
  • Product specification of sodium thiocyanate.
  • Sodium thiocyanate product information.
  • Data sheet sodium rhodanide.
  • Sodium thiocyanate liquid


  • Equation.
  • Synthesis of sodium thiocyanate.
  • Colorimetric Determination of Thiocyanate in KODAK Reversal First Developer,Process D-94


  • Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells on Flexible Substrates Integrated with Energy Storage
  • In Situ Vibrational Spectroscopy of Contact Adsorbed Thiocyanate cn Silver Electrodes:Experiment and Theory
  • Absorption fluids data survey.
  • Facile and chemo-selective synthesis of tertiary alkyl isothiocyanates from alcohols.
  • Multiple Internal Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Thiocyanate Adsorption on Silver and Gold


  • Virus inactivation by protein denaturants used in affinity chromatography
  • Detection of dengue virus serotype-specific IgM by IgM Capture ELISA in the Presence of Sodium thiocyanate
  • FT-IR investigations of ion association in peo-mscn polymer electrolytes
  • Subunit interaction in cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase of mutant lymphoma cells
  • Serotype identification of dengue virus isolates by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay employing a protein denaturing agent
  • Salt effect on the formation of dye aggregates at liquid/liquid interfaces studied by time-resolved surface second harmonic generation
  • On the nature of morphological features in phase-separated nascn mixtures: a saxs investigation
  • Swelling of Dextran Gel and Osmotic Pressure of Soluble Dextran in the Presence of Salts

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Company profiles

  • Company from Ningbo.
  • Company from Puyang.
  • Company from Shijiazhuang.
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  • Company from UK.
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  • Consultancy from Ann Arbor.
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  • Consultancy from Bridgeville.
  • Consultancy from Haining
  • Consultancy from Mumbai.
  • Online1 consultancy.
  • Online2 consultancy.
  • Online3 consultancy.

Raw material suppliers

  • Ammonia.
  • Sodium Carbonate.
  • Sodium Cyanide.
  • Sulfur.


  • Msds for Sodium thyocyanate.
  • Msds1 for Sodium thyocyanate.
  • Safety sheet for Sodium thyocyanate.
  • Safety data sheet for  Sodium thyocyanate.
  • Material safety sheet for  Sodium thyocyanate.
  • Sodium thyocyanate.- safety data sheet


  • Creation of a new class of cellulose engineering materials
  • Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron
  • DNA Preparation from Paraffin Tissue
  • Preparation of paraffin sections and frozen tissue for fish
  • Single-crystal α-Fe2O3 hexagonal nanorings: stepwise influence
    of different anionic ligands (F- and SCN- anions)
  • Towards source control of acid rock drainage


  • Recovery of sodium thiocyanate.
  • Ammonia refrigeration system.
  • Recovery of sodium thiocyanate from industrial process solution using nanofiltration technique.
  • Maximizing the efficacy of thiocyanate scavengers in oilfield brines.
  • Method and plant for depleting sodium thiocyanate in washing liquors and for obtaining pure sodium thiocyanate.
  • Fast crystallizing polyalkyleneterephthalate resin compositions.
  • Reduction of residual organic chlorine in hydrocarbyl amines.

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