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  • Spectacle is defined under British standard as an optical appliance comprising lenses and a frame with sides
    extending towards ears
  • An ideal spectacle frame material must be durable , adjustable, non allergic, non inflammable, non corrosive and
    preferably of low cost
  • Thermoplastic material is are used
    usually as these can be heated and cooled without losing their plasticity. Cellulose acetate, Cellulose nitrate,
    Cellulate propionate, Perspex,Epoxy resins are examples
  • Nylon were used in making spectacles for children where chances of breaking were high.
  • Metallic frames are stable, quite adjustable, non inflammable and non allergic and pleasing. They are inexpensive and can be mass produced.
    Variety of materials like stainless steel, nickel, silver , anodized aluminum, gold, titanium and memory metal are used for making frames.
  • Manufacturers to develop enhanced spectacle frames for children using the evidence base to optimize compliance,
    including recognition of ethnic and cultural variations which influence fit and aesthetics respectively.
  • India exported optical frames to Argentina, UAE, Maldives
  • Total value of exports during 2016 was about USD 394000
  • India imported spectacle frame worth USD 37982000 from China, France & Austria
  • Major import was from valued at
    USD 26,897,289 during 2016

About The Spectacle Frames

  • Product Description
  • Optical Abbreviations & Glossary
  • How the Frame is made
  • Spectacle Frames for Children

Project Information

  • Project Outline
  • Spectacle Frame Parts
  • Frame making machinery
  • Frame Materials & production methods
  • Frame Materials
  • Manufacturing of customised spectacles
  • Gold Plating on metallic optical frames
  • Gold Plating on Jewellery & optical frames
  • Optical Machinery - frame alignment
  • Lens Grinding
  • Optical inventory turn over
  • Apprenticeship Standard for Optical Assistant

Company & Products

  • Company - USA
  • Company in Delhi
  • Company - UK
  • Manufacturer - India
  • Project in Israel
  • List of acetate frame companies in India

Global Market Scenario

  • The Optical Industry in India
  • Italy Eye wear - 2015
  • Exports data - India
  • Imports into India from China
  • Report - Optical Sector
  • Guidelines for Online Sales of Spectacles
  • The Eye Wear Market
  • Wholesale ophthalmic fabrication
  • Trader - wholesale
  • Regulations

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