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  • Steel cord is the basic material used in the tires. Steel cord filaments, twisted into cable cords, are imbedded in the rubber compound giving the tire its unique properties, such as low weight, low wear and heat generation, excellent fatigue properties which lead to a low fuel consumption, a high grip on the road
    and a good puncture resistance
  • The tensile strength of steel cord, by which steel radial tire is reinforced, is steadily progressing in accordance with the need for lighter cars. 4,000 MPa class steel cord is commercialized by the improvement of ductility during wire drawing based on 0.9%C hypereutectoid steel wire rods.
  • Steel cord manufacturing process involves operations such as pickling, wire drawing, brass plating, wet drawing, stranding, spooling and packing
  • Steel cord is a tire reinforcement material with the highest growth
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  • Product Profile
  • About Steel Cord
  • Reinforcing materials in Rubber Products

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  • Project Overview
  • Wire rod for steel cord
  • Machinery supplier - Italy
  • Machinery supplier - Korea
  • Machinery from Germany
  • Tire cord treating line
  • Consultant - market reports

Technology Information

  • Reinforcing with Steel Cord
  • Metallographic Preparation of
    Steel Cord Cable Sections
  • Steel Cord Development
  • Technology Presentation
  • Quality & Productivity
  • Improve quality and productivity performance of a steel cord manufacturing system
  • Interactive Simulation of steel cord manufacturing
  • Roller Straightening Process for
    Steel Cord
  • Recycling
  • Hybrid Steel Cords for tyres
  • Closed Production cycle
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  • Company Catalog
  • Company in china
  • Company & products
  • Company Annual Report
  • Company - Annual  Report
  • Company - MNC
  • Company - Steel Cord Belt

Market Information

  • Investment proposed
  • Conveyer Belting
  • Cord Grips
  • Cable Reels
  • Steel cord conveyer Belt
  • Sample tender for steel cord belts
  • List of Tire Companies
  • Recovery from tyres

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