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  • Sucralose is an artificial sweetener originally sold under the trade name Splenda, but now also supplied by a variety of manufacturers under various brand names.
  • Sucralose is 600 times as sweet as sucrose, twice as sweet as saccharin, and four times as sweet as aspartame.
  • The United States leads the world in consumption of high-intensity sweeteners, consuming approximately 50% of the world demand.
  • As sucralose is very heat stable, it is useful in food processing which requires high temperatures, such as canning.
  • This provides a wider selection of food for people with diabetes to limit their caloric or sugar intake.
  •  It passes vapidly through the body unchanged and does not affect the blood glucose level, carbohydrate metabolism and insulin production.
  • As sucralose is not a carbohydrate, it does not lead to tooth decay.
  • Companies in the field are BioPlus, ISI, JK Sucralose, Jubang, Lukee
    Merisant, New Trend, Niutang, Tate & Lyle, Techno, Tongyuan, Vitasweet
  • The technoloy is patent protected and so new startups got to approach patent holders, companies already in the field or Business development consultants to obtain licesed know-how through agreements
  • There seem to be excellent market for the product as there are many applications
  • Weight Watching, Serendipity and  Sweeteners
  • Sweeteners
  • The Facts
  •  FAQ                             


  • Synthesis of Strong Sweetener Sucralose
  • The development and applications of sucralose
  • Manufacturing steps


  • Production Facility
  • Technology Source
  • Structure
  • Assay Method for Sucralose Contained in a Variety of Food
  • The sucralose manufacturing facility
  • Capacity & Facility

  • Granular Sucralose
  • Process for the preparation of Sucralose by the Chlorination of Sugar with Triphosgene
  • Process for the preparation
  • Methods for the preparation of Sucralose
  • Method for the purification of Sucralose
  • Sucralose Composition
  • Patent Guidelines
  • Patent Legal Dispute
  • Patent Dispute

  • Sucralose
  • Imports into India
  • Sucrose Powder
  • Liquid Chlorine
  • Chlorine Gas



  • List of patent agents
  • Patent Consultant
  • Consultant - Market Information
  • Consultant - Market Reports
  • Consultant - Market Information
  • Business Consultant

Safety Issues

  • Metabolism and Safety Assessment of Sucralose
  • Safe Sweetener
  • Sweeteners for use in foodstuffs
  • Surveillance Study of the Sweetener Sucralose
  • Myths & Facts
  • Food Additive
  • Safety Analysis
Company & Products

  • Major Player
  • Company presentation
  • Branded Product
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Price Trend
  • Company India
  • Company - USA
  • Global Ingredient Company
  • Company - China
  • Chinese Company


  • High-Intensity Sweetener ---Sucralose
  • Sucralose and Diabetes
  • Beverage Formulation

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