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  • Sugarcane juice is used as a refreshing natural energy drink, delicious drink in both urban and rural areas of many countries
  • Raw sugarcane juice is a carbohydrate rich, low acid food and is therefore susceptible to the growth of yeasts, of spoilage bacteria and also pathogenic bacteria.
  • The problem with refined sugar is that it has gone through a lot chemical processes just to extract the sucrose substance leaving out all the other valuable nutrients.
  • The powder extracted from sugarcane retains the mineral content in almost the same way as it is present in sugarcane juice. This can be even used as a substitute to sugar in food or even in ayurvedic medicines. The flavour will be different, but is a healthy option
  • Spray drying is a complex process used to turn liquid food particles into solid form
  • Fresh juice cannot be stored normally for more than six hours due to the presence of simple sugars, which spoils the juice quickly - Hence the need for the powder
  • Since sugarcane powder is a sugar-rich food product,
    it is recognized as heat-sensitive and requires
    encapsulating additives such as malt dextrin for the
    spray drying process to be successful
  • The method of preparation of spray dried sugarcane juice powder and granules is devoid of preservatives, colorants, anti-caking agents, stabilisers and other chemicals. The use of spray dried sugarcane juice finds its application as a sweetener and for preparation of natural health drinks and beverages.
  • The sugarcane juice powder developed using techniques such as freeze drying, flash evaporation and vacuum drying will not support the growth of micro-organisms and biochemical activity but improve the stability and storability of sugarcane juice.
  • The sugarcane harvested at 10 - 14 months after planting is suitable for preparation of commercially acceptable sugarcane juice powder/granules
  • Canes were harvested in bulk in the conventional way contain dried leaves, green tops, insect infested and damaged, all these are removed with care. Use of clean water and hygienic practices were adopted to avoid microbial contamination
  • From the processing stage onwards all operations are to be carried out in a sterile environment. The extraction of juice with crushers fabricated from food grade material and preserving the extracted juice in clean containers, are added advantage.


  • Spray Drying of Foods
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  • Spray drying conditions for sugarcane juice powder production
  • Patent - Spray dried sugar
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  • Spray drying of sugar and acid rich foods
  • Solid-Phase Crystallization of Spray-Dried Glucose Powders
  • Method of manufacture of powered sugar by spray drying of sugarcane juice - Patent
  • Sugarcane Juice Powder Quality
  • Shelf Life
  • Technology Brief
  • Coconut sugar powder
  • Sugar recovery
  • Codex Standard

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