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  • Sulphur black belongs to the group of sulphur dyes.
  • Sulphur black is Lustrous Grains, Imparts full black shade with a slight reddish or greenish tone according to the requirement.
  • Sulphur dyes are a class of dyes having the best light fastness and low price among the dyes applied to natural fibres.
  • Spectrophotometry methods are the most applied ones for sulphur dyes quantitative determination during dyeing process.
  • Alkali metal thiolate is usually necessary as a reducing agent in the dyeing process of sulphur dyes.
  • The general disadvantage of the Sulphur dyes that they produce dull shades and lack a red. The main advantage lays in their cheapness, ease of application and good wash-fastness.
  • Although sulphur dyes are prepared from varied types of intermediates and other varied conditions, their chemical reactivity and dyeing properties are very similar.
  • For every pound of sulfur black dye produced, 1.11 pounds of co-product are produced. This co-product is composed of 0.60 pounds of 25% sodium thiosulfate, 0.38 pounds of 75% sulfuric acid and 0.13 pounds of 20% ammonium sulfate
  • Biproducts are to be taken care of to avoid environmental issue
  • Sulphuric acid need to be purified
  • The addition of the sodium thiosulfate to the wastewater was causing several problems with the treatment system
  • Discharging the ammonium sulfate to the wastewater system would cause significant compliance problems
  • There is good demand of about 10,000 MT in India and domestic production seem to be only 50%
  • There is import from China
  • About 100 tons/year project may require an investment of about INR 5 millions according to some consultants

General Information

  • What is Sulphur Black ?
  • Sulphur Black Specification
  • Product specification
  • Ammonium Sulfate

Company  & Products

  • Company - USA
  • Leuco Sulphur Black 1
  • Company from China
  • China Company from Dalian
  • Company from India
  • Company from North India
  • Indian Company from Rajasthan
  • China Company from Shijiazhuang
  • Company from USA
  • Liquid sulphure black
  • Company from Singapore
  • Sulphur Black BR
  • Hongkong company
  • Mumbai Company
  • Singapore company
  • Bangladesh Trader
  • List of Companies

Environment issues

  • Case Study
  • Regulations
  • Ammonium sulfate 
  • Biological Treatment of Textile Effluent in Stirred Tank Bioreactor
  • Pollutants
  • Pollution Control
  • Standards
  • Sulphur Dyestuffs
  • Sulfur Dyes
  • Process & Composition of Sulfur Dye
  • Recovery sulfuric acid
  • Sulfuric Acid recovery process
  • Sulphuric Acid Conversion Process
  • Sulfur Black Preparation
  • Dye mixtures containing polyazo dyes and CI Sulphur Black 1 dye
  • Bacterium useful in the removal of sulphur black dye from a substrate
  • Water-insoluble sulphur dyes, their preparation and use
  • Process for improving fastness of sulphur dyeing on hydroxy group containing fibers
  • Exhaust dyeing process for sulphur dyes


Technology Information
  • Sulphur Black Dye Project
  • International Turnkey Providers
  • Optimisation of the synthesis of a water-soluble
    sulfur black dye
  • Technology Sources
  • Red Shade
  • Sulfur recovery plant
  • Chemical Plant supplier
  • Project report preparation consultant
  • Trade Consultant
  • Project report offer
  • Research article

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Caustic Soda Suppliers
  • Steam Coal Suppliers
  • Dinitrochlorobenzene Suppliers
  • Sodium Sulphide Suppliers
  • Sulphur Manufacturers & Suppliers

Market & Report

  • Sulphur Black Industry - India
  • The Global Scenario: Growth & Opportunities for dye industry
  • Dumping in India
  • Manufacturers
  • Tariff Legislation in the USA
  • Proposed Legislation
  • Dyestuff Sector - India
  • Under Sea Deposit
  • Report on current shortcomings of the existing dyes and changes required to improve it, and create the next generation dyes (standards, market, cost).

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Suppliers of Sulphur Black
  • Selling Leads of Sulphur Black
  • Exporters of Sulphur Black
  • Sulphur Black Suppliers
  • Sulphur Black Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Sulphur Black Buying leads
  • Sulphur Black Buyers




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