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  • Surimi is a refined form of minced fish meat.
  • The Japanese word "surimi" literally means "minced meat". However, surimi is more than minced meat.
  • Raw surimi is a truly bland material, since its flavor components are removed by the leaching process.
  • Raman analysis has been carried out to study the effects of Vitacel wheat dietary fibre (WDF) during gelation of surimi.
  • Identification of adulterated/substituted species in surimi mixtures threadfin bream and bulls-eye raw fish by Sodium dodecyl sulphate- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
  • Proteolytic degradation of tropical tilapia surimi was biochemically and rheologically characterized to
    identify a group of proteinase(s) responsible for its textural degradation.
  • Frozen surimi is an intermediate food ingredient made from myofibrillar fish protein isolated from other
    constituent fish protein by repeated washing and dewatering of minced fish.
  • Japan's exports of surimi-based products to the U.S. have risen sharply in recent years.
  • The discovery of methods for producing a stable frozen surimi from Alaska pollock allowed surimi manufacturing to evolve into an automated mass-production system to keep pace with expanding demand.
  • The advent of an automated surimi production process meant that surimi production could be performed aboard a factoryship using freshly caught fish directly on the fishing grounds.
  • The Japanese government launched an $8.5 million 5- year program aiming to develop surimi from the dark meat of sardine and Pacific mackerel, abundant domestic species.
  • Japan has been importing annually between 4,000 and 5,000 metric tons of frozen surimi from Taiwan and Thailand.
  • Taiwan manufactures frozen surimi at about 60 land-based plants using croaker and sharp-tooth eel.
  • The prices of ship-processed surimi have been much more stable than those of land-processed surimi, although they are not entirely free from major fluctuations.
  • Surimi is the intermediate raw material from which the end products called "neri-seihin" (surimi-based products) are manufactured.
  • The ship-processed surimi generally exhibits a gel-forming capacity higher than that of land-processed surimi which has gone through several cycles of leaching.
  • Sugar, the most important component, comprises 8 per cent of the salt-free surimi and 10 per cent of the salt-added surimi.
  • The difficulty of manufacturing frozen surimi equipped with anti-denaturant properties is compounded in the case of darkfleshed fish because of a host of chemical, physical, physiological and biological characteristics unique to these fish species.
  • Japan Surimi Association has experimented with a device called a "super-decanter", a centrifuge designed to improve removal of fat from the leached meat after the first leaching cycle. The super-decanter proved effective in reducing the fat content in surimi, but it also caused a decline in overall yield.
  • In France, surimi is purchased largely by households, with retail sales of 16,377 MT ( 40 percent per year increase) and growing much faster than sales for smoked salmon.
  • Fish are processed in less than 12 hours to obtain optimal surimi quality, but can be stored up to 48 hours before product quality declines rapidly.
  • Gels were made from surimi-like pork (SLP) made from muscles obtained at 1, 24 and 72 h post-mortem. The SLP
    from pre-rigor muscle had higher pH and moisture percentage compared to in- or post-rigor muscles.
General  & Production
  • Surimi Production
  • Microbiological Study of Surimi Production
  • Refrigerated sea water and Surimi Production from Alaska Pollock
  • Surimi - Production, Consumption, Exports, and Imports Statistics
  • The Determination of Technology & Storage Period of Surimi Production
    from Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus L., 1758)
  • Comparison of Surimi and solubilized Surimi for kamaboko production from farmed chinook salmon
  • Surimi


  • Coagulation of protein in surimi wastewater using a continuous ohmic heater
  • Evaluation of factors affecting the consistency, functionality, quality and utilization of Surimi
  • Inhibition of Protease Activity in Muscle Extracts and Surimi from Pacific Whiting, Merluccius productus,
    and Arrowtooth Flounder, Atheresthes stomias
  • Effect of egg albumen (protein additive) on surimi
    prepared from lizardfish (Saurida tumbil) during
    frozen storage
  • Surimi Processing
  • Red meat IMP processing and its potential as a Surimi replacer
  • Physicochemical properties, Gel-forming ability and myoglobin content of sardine and mackerel Surimi produced by conventional method and alkaline solubilization process
  • The use of decanter centrifuges in Surimi processing


  • Exploration of menhaden as a resource for Surimi production and use in simulated shelfish products
  • Acid solubilization isoelectric precipitation to remove off odors and flavors associated with farm raised channel catfish
  • Functional properties of alaska pollock Surimi for applications in the food industry
  • Gel Color and Texture of Surimi-like Pork from Muscles
    at Different Rigor States Post-mortem


  • Surimi-like material from poultry meat and its potential as  a Surimi replacer
  • Electrophoretic identification of threadfin bream, bulls-eye and their Surimi
  • Protein and water structural changes in fish surimi during gelation as revealed by isotopic H/D exchange and Raman spectroscopy
  • The Ultimate in Surimi Technology
  • Proteolytic Degradation of
    Tropical Tilapia Surimi
  • Use of a Urea gel isoelectric focusing technique for quantitation of shrimp in shrimp-surimi mixtures

Quality Standard

  • Code of practice for fish and fishery products
  • Manufacturing of a Crab Analogue to Determine the Quality of U.S. Shore-based Produced Surimi
  • Partial quality control: Surimi/Meat products
  • Surimi Quality from Mechanically Deboned Chicken Meat as Affected by
    Washing Cycle, Salt Concentration, Heating Temperature and Rate.
  • Quality Assessment of fish protein isolates using Surimi standard methods
  • Quality characteristics of Surimi made from sabalo as affected by water washing composition
  • Quality Characteristics of Chicken Breast Surimi as Affected by Water Washing Time and pH Adjustment
  • Surimi Testing


  • Surimi Suppliers
  • Surimi Sellers
  • Surimi Selling leads
  • Surimi Manufacturer & Suppliers
  • Surimi Exporters

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  • An economic analysis of producing Surimi from catfish byproducts
  • Raman analysis of surimi gelation by addition of wheat dietary fibre
  • Firm-Level hedonic analyses of U.S produced Surimi: Implications for processors and resource mangers
  • Identification of Surimi gel strength classes using backpropagation neural network and principal component analysis


  • Surimi and Seafood Analogs
  • Products in Brine – SURIMI – Chunks
  • Surimi

Machinery Suppliers

  • Surimi Equipment Suppliers
  • Suppliers from Illinois
  • Suppliers from Japan
  • Suppliers from Taiwan 1
  • Suppliers from Taiwan 2
  • Suppliers from Washington

Company Profiles

  • Company from Alaska
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from New Zealand
  • Company from Russia
  • Company from Washington
  • Company List


  • Consultant from Hong Kong
  • Consultant from Canada
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from UAE
  • Plant from Japan
  • Plant from China
  • Plant from India

Function & Properties

  • Effect of surimi quality on properties of edible films based on Alaska pollack
  • Effects of washing methods on gel properties of chicken surimi prepared from spent hen breast muscle
  • Functional properties of surimi powder
    from three Malaysian marine ®sh
  • Surimi Properties
  • Evaluating Viscosity of Surimi paste at different moisture contents
  • Thermal Gelation Properties of Spent Hen Mince and Surimi

Project & Report

  • Surimi Production
  • Surimi Commission Report
  • MSC Chain of Custody Certification for Surimi
  • Building surimi opportunities – worldwide
  • Review Article
    Surimi-like material: challenges and prospects
  • On Surimi and Other Engineered Seafoods
  • Upgrade the value of tropical surimi using fast cooking


  • Cryoprotected surimi product
  • Surimi
  • Surimi manufacturing process
  • Additives for frozen surimi
  • Production of frozen surimi
  • Method of producing frozen surimi and product thereof
  • Apparatus for automatically feeding and packing surimi of fish or shellfish


  • France
    Fishery Products
    French Surimi Market
  • Status of Surimi industry in the southeast asia 2001-2006
  • Surimi Market Survey
  • Overview of Global Surimi Market and Production
  • Situation and outlook for Surimi and Surimi-based food
  • Trend of Surimi raw materials in the southeast asia

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