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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Synthetic paper is the one, which has many of the visual and tactile properties of paper,particularly those papers used for writing or printing applications or those used for bags and wrappings.
  • Synthetic paper outperforms regular paper in terms of moisture resistance and durability . In addition, it is extremely resistant to chemicals and oils and has an exceptionally smooth surface finish.
  • Resin-based synthetic papers are generally divided according to their manufacturing method into two broad categories: film synthetic paper and fiber synthetic paper. Currently, film synthetic paper is more commonly used. Several different methods have been devised to produce a paper that is similar in appearance to regular paper
  • The market for synthetic laser paper may be one of the fastest sales opportunities in this industry

Basic Information

  • About synthetic Paper

Companies & Products

  • Company & Products

  • Digital Synthetic Paper

  • Ultra-smooth, multi-layered, biaxially oriented, synthetic printing papers

  • Synthetic Paper for printing applications

  • Opaque paper

  • Largest Manufacturer

  • Synthetic Paper Producers

  • Adhesive Synthetic Paper

Technology Information

  • Oriented Film Technology

  • Machinery and processing for coating & converting

  • Synthetic Paper production system

  • Japanese Machinery

  • Laboratory stretching machine

  • The quick-drying print and environmental-friendly biaxial orientated polypropylene
    synthetic paper

  • The visual magnetic graphic system

Project Information

  • Project Brief outline
  • Plant & Machinery suppliers
  • Project & Technical Consultant
  • Catalogue of Consultant
  • Technology Centre
  • Turnkey Solutions
Market Scenario
  • Synthetic Papers based on Biaxial Oriented Films
  • Durability of Cellulose and Synthetic Papers
  • Synthetic Laser Paper
  • Recycling Ideas
  • The Virtually Indestructible Book
  • Application specific synthetic papers
  • Document Packaging solutions
  • Company in India - expansion
  • Company performance - annual report
  • Synthetic Paper for Label Industry

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