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 Information Profile @ a Glance  
  • Lawn Tennis is game, which is very popular and played not only in our country but all over the world.
  • Tennis ball industry has both the internal and export demand. There is good scope for starting more manufacturing units in different parts of the country
  • The raw materials required
    for manufacturing of tennis balls are rubber and rubber chemicals
  • There are many types of Balls such as Foam balls, felt Balls, Double core balls, pressure-less Balls, Pressure Balls in the Market
  • The balls are not made in a single location and the overall journey is very long.
  • With globalization of production different parts in the process of making tennis balls are outsourced to businesses throughout the world that can do their portion of the job cheaper.
  • This total process includes the raw materials used to make tennis balls and the manufacturing and packaging of them
  • Tennis Industry
  • Fun Facts


  • The Bounce Factor
  • Low compression tennis balls
  • Plastic Balls
  • Double Core Tennis Balls

Project Information

  • Project information for 1,50,000 Nos, Balls per year
  • Project for 6,00,000 Balls per year
  • Taiwanese Machinery
  • Chinese Machinery


  • Process for making tennis balls Patent Information
  • Recycling and Reusing Tennis Balls
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Video Clips

Regulatory Issues

  • Rules
  • Guide to manufacturers
  • Tennis Balls - regulations & approvals
  • Balls Dynamic tests
  • Approval Procedure
  • List of manufacturers in India
  • Chinese Suppliers
  • Company in Thailand


  • Sales trends
  • Balls & Prices - USA
  • Imports into India
  • Exports from India
  • The Sporting Goods Market in Europe 2020
  • Market for Sports Balls in the U.K
  • International Distributors
  • Sample Tender for supply of Tennis Balls
  • Sample Tender
  • Globalization of Tennis Balls

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