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  • The main products of canvas industry are tents and tarpaulins, whereas, other products include canvas made-ups.
  • The tents are manufactured in various sizes and qualities depending upon customers’ requirements and the environment where these will be used
  • The yarn used in production of tents and tarpaulins of canvas is 10-single cotton, whereas, for tents and tarpaulins of polyester, the yarn is a mix of cotton and polyester.
  • Dyed & waterproof Canvas fabric made from 10-single yarn or a mix of cotton-polyester depending upon requirements of customers, leather, hooks, threads, sticks and packing material are the main raw materials, which are used in the manufacturing of tents and tarpaulins
  • More than 50 % of world exports of tents and tarpaulins come from Asia. The market share of Asia in world exports is increasing due to lower labour costs
  • In Asia, China is the major exporter of canvas products along with Korea and Pakistan. In Europe, France, Germany and Italy are among the major exporters. From American Continents USA is the major exporter
  • Import market is quite evenly distributed between different regions of the world. USA is the top importer
  • United Nations Organizations import considerable canvas tents as part of Disaster Relief programmes
  • Export orders can be obtained through direct marketing in the international markets either by initiating contacts with potential customers through formal communications or visiting those countries, especially the gulf countries
  • The total commercial viability of this proposed canvas-stitching unit depends on the
    regular supply of export orders. This requires very aggressive marketing efforts at the entrepreneur's end and the concerned management team
  • Humanitarian Shelter Assistance
  • Emergency Shelter for Humanitarian
    Relief in Cold Climates
  • Tents
  • Camping Tents
  • The care and feeding of Canvas Tentage
Project Information
  • Project for setting up a Tents and Canvas Manufacturing Unit
  • Sewing Thread
Plant & Machinery
  • Industrial Sewing Machinery
  • Industrial Sewing
  • Sewing Equipment
    for Special Applications
International Procurement
  • Doing Business with United Nations
  • Registering as a potential vendor with the united Nations
  • Registered Vendors
  • The United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  • Procurement Planning
  • Emergency Items Catalogue
  • Procurement in Situations of
    Urgent need of Assistance or
    Capacity Constraints
  • UNIDO Procurement Guide
  • Quality Control
  • Request for quotations

Technology Details

  • Post–disaster shelter:
    Ten designs
  • UNHCR Family Tent for Cold Weather
  • UNCHR Family Tent
  • The Design, Analysis and Construction of Tensile Fabric Structures
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Tent Construction Manual
  • Tent Guide - 2017
  • The use and logistics of family tents
  • Tents pre-treated with insecticide for malaria control in refugee camps: an entomological evaluation
  • Tents - Functional Evaluation
Tent Specifications
  • Self-standing Geodesic Family Tent
  • Complete Tent Specifications
  • The specifications below and ISO 10966
  • Comparison of plastic sheeting specifications of major organisations
  • Technical comparison of tent specifications


  • Project Consultant
  • Turnkey Consultancy
  • Sourcing Consultant
  • Consultants/Links
  • Consultant - Tent Market Reports
  • Manufacturing management
  • Consultant - Camping Tent Market
Companies & Products
  • Canvas, polyester Tents
  • Manufacturers of Fine Camping Equipment
  • Canvas & Tent company
  • Companies - Safer Camping equipment
  • Tent Catalogue
  • Promotional Tents
  • Canvas Tents
  • PVC Coated & other Tents
  • Pre-fabricated accommodation modules
  • Military Tent
  • Wall Tents
  • Legend pole tent
  • Industrial Tents
  • HDPE Tent
  • Tarpaulin Products
  • Exporter of Tents & Canvas products
  • Major exporter profile
  • Home Textiles & canvas products
Market Scenario
  • World wide Shelter Projects
  • Shelter Cluster - Iraq
  • Syrian Refugees Camp
  • The Zaatari refugee camp
  • International Supplier
  • UAE Business
  • Supply of 100-person expeditionary camps
  • Supply & Delivery of Tents to Mombasa, Kenya
  • Technical Textile for Defence
  • Tent Extendable Frame Supported Complete with accessories

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