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  • Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group. Best known for their masculinising effects, androgens first kick into action during the embryonic stages of life. In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females, although small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands. It is the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.
  • Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, which means that not only it possesses a unique chemical structure but it has the capacity to promote the formation of bone and muscle in the body. Testosterone is also referred to as an androgen, which means "male producing". And, certainly, the hormone is an essential component of maleness.
  • Testosterone is a hormone with quite a personality. Tainted by a history of abuse by bodybuilders and athletes, testosterone is often pointed to as the cause of aggression, bulging pectorals, an insatiable sexual appetite and the almighty hairy chest. Its reputation has been somewhat two-faced. Testosterone is also well known for its role in the hormonal hotbed that is male puberty.
  • Presently, gas chromatography– mass spectrometry and high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) are the main methods for the determination of urinary testosterone and epitestosterone, in which liquid–liquid extraction (LLE) or solid-phase extraction (SPE) is usually used to concentrate the analytes prior to analysis.
  • The interstitial cells, which lie between the seminiferous tubules, produce testosterone. These cells are activated during puberty by two hormones, FSH and LH,which is called interstitial cell stimulating hormone. A rise in testosterone production in the young male stimulates his reproductive organs to develop to their adultsize and causes secondary sex characteristics to appear.
  • The human evolution is directly influenced by testosterone levels . The mechanism is differential reproduction within the population. That is, individuals of higher testosterone will have a reproductive advantage over those of lower testosterone. Individuals of higher testosterone will be more aggressive and exhibit increased libido; over time they will reproduce faster.
  • Testosterone is used in a therapy of different pathological states following by profound protein decay (chronic infectious diseases, emaciation, surgical operations, serious injuries, etc), and under derangement of nitrogenous and phosphorous metabolism. Testosterone medications are prescribed at sexual functional disorders, vascular disorders, for therapy of tumors including cancer tumors.
  • Testosterone is responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. It is the primary androgenic hormone, and its production and secretion are the end product of a series of hormonal interactions. Gonadotropin- releasing hormone (GnRH) is secreted by the hypothalamus and controls the pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle- stimulating hormone (FSH) by the anterior pituitary. 
  • An Institute commends the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for its thoughtful report evaluating the pros and cons of conducting clinical trials of testosterone replacement in older men. It appreciates the effort and care that went into formulating the report and its recommendations, including those regarding the design, safety and ethics of conducting such trials.
  • A Report analyzed DNA samples from a number of established cell lines derived from Japanese individuals to detect CYP3A4 variations. We have found three variants in the CYP3A4 coding region and characterized the catalytic functional diŠerences for testosterone hydroxylation using a mammalian expression system.
  • Testim™, a patented testosterone replacement therapy gel. Testim, A Companies first commercial product, will be marketed in the United States by that company and its professional sales force. Regulatory clearance for Testim was received only 22 months after initial product development. The Testim clinical trials were the largest ever conducted in testosterone replacement therapy. They involved 644 hypogonadal men treated at more than 70 centers in six countries. 
  • Testosterone information
  • Testosterone
  • Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids
  • The Many Gendered Hormone
  • Testosterone Implants
  • Testosterone Hormone Information
  • Testosterone Factors
  • Testosterone- Access Reproductive
  • The andropause and testosterone
  • Testosterone and Androgens in Women
  • Extraction of testosterone and epitestosterone in human urine using aqueous two-phase systems of ionic liquid and salt 
  • Extraction of testosterone and epitestosterone in human urine using 2-propanol–salt–H2O system
  • Testosterone Immunoassay
  • A Method of Extraction of Steroids from Blood

Production Process

  • Testosterone Production in the Body
  • Process of testosterone production
  • The low gonadotropin- independent constitutive production of testicular testosterone is sufficient to maintain spermatogenesis 
  • Okadaic Acid Remarkably Suppresses Testosterone Production in Murine Leydig Cells
  • Determination of testosterone
  • Improved Methods for Storage, Transport, Processing, and Analysis
  • Mumps Virus Decreases Testosterone Production and Gamma Interferon- Induced Protein 10 Secretion by Human Leydig Cells 
  • Development and Validation of a Fecal Testosterone Biomarker in Mus musculus and Peromyscus maniculatus
  • Female canaries produce eggs with greater amounts of testosterone when exposed to preferred male song

Company Profiles

  • Company in Edinburgh
  • Company in Illinois
  • Company in Ohio
  • Company in USA
  • Company in California
  • Acute Testosterone Administration
  • Method and Apparatus for Transdermal or Transmucosal Application of Testosterone
  • Determination of testosterone by mass spectrometry
  • Transdermal Device for Administering Testosterone or One of the Derivatives Thereof
  • Intravaginal drug delivery devices for the administration of testosterone and testosterone precursors
  • Medicament for Increasing the Testosterone Level
  • Methods for Providing Testosterone and Optionally Estrogen Replacement Therapy to Women
  • Water Soluble Amine Esters of Testosterone for Intranasal Administration


  • Human Saliva as a Diagnostic Specimen
  • Novavax and Esprit Pharma to Co-develop Novel Medicine for Female Sexual Desire Disorder Esprit Receives North American Marketing Rights 
  • Techniques in Reproductive Diversity Hormone and DNA Labs 
  • TransDermal Technologies
  • Expanding Our Commitment to the Treatment of Urologic Disorders
  • Evaluation of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
  • Testosterone and cognitive function: current clinical evidence of a relationship 
  • Estradiol and testosterone concentrations in follicular fluid as criteria to discriminate between mature and immature oocytes 
  • Testosterone-Fatty Acid Esterification
  • A Steroidogenic Factor-1-Binding Site and Cyclic Adenosine 3',5'-Monophosphate Response Element-Like  Element Are Required for the Activity of the Rat Aromatase Promoter in Rat Leydig Tumor Cell Lines
  • Functions of testosterone
  • Characterization of testosterone 
  • Testosterone modulates mitochondrial aconitase in the full-length human androgen receptor-transfected PC-3 prostatic carcinoma cells 
  • Effects of castration on early postnatal development of male accessory sex glands in the domestic pig 
  • Relative Potency of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone in Preventing Atrophy and Apoptosis  in the Prostate of the Castrated Rat
  • Consultant on Steroids
  • Consultant in USA
  • Expert in Regulation of Steroid/Hormones
  • Expert in Herbs for Health
  • Nutrition and Exercise Consulting


  • Testosterone Depletion and Mitochondrial Damage in Skeletal Muscle
  • The Metabolism of Testosterone by Pig Microsomes and the determination of CYP3A4 Protein Expression
  • The detection of the misuse of testosterone gel
  • Pharmacokinetics of a new testosterone transdermal delivery system, TDS ® -testosterone in healthy males 
  • Endogenous Testosterone, Testosterone precursors and Metabolites
  • Managing Adult Onset Diabetes with Testosterone
  • Transdermal testosterone gel: pharmacokinetics, efficacy of dosing and application site in hypogonadal men  
  • Testosterone as a Mediator of Muscle Tissue Growth
  • Modern Applications
  • Testosterone Applications
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Treatment of Male Hypogonadism With Testosterone
  • Usage of Testosterone
  • Depo®-Testosterone
  • Intrinsa
  • Quantum Testosterone Complex
  • Viraloid®
  • Testosterone Gel
  • Human Health Solutions
  • Natural Testosterone Booster
  • Testosterone Booster
  • TESTAdioscin


  • The Market for Testosterone Creams and Gels
  • Designing for the Market
  • Auxilium Receives U.S. FDA Approval to Market Testim™ Testosterone Replacement Gel
  • Preliminary Screening for the Levels of Testosterone Hormone in the Market Meat in Tehran
  • Lack of testosterone risk rises with age
  • Immunoassays for Testosterone in Women: Better than a Guess?
  • The Relationship between testosterone and New Venture Creation
  • Enhances Sexual Drive, Heightens Sexual Performance, Increases Energy Levels, Enhances Mood, Promotes Bone and Muscle Growth
  • Garlic Supplementation Increases Testicular Testosterone and Decreases Plasma Corticosterone in Rats Fed a High Protein Diet 
  • CYP3A4 Gene Polymorphisms In‰uence Testosterone 6b-hydroxylation
  • NIA Statement on IOM Testosterone Report
  • Novel Testosterone Formulations


  • Brief Exposure to exogenous Testosterone increase Death Signaling and Adversely affects Myocardial function After Ischemia
  • Health Canada warns consumers not to use supplements containing methyl-1-testosterone due to potential serious health risks
  • Testosterone-Containing Hormonal Therapy May Increase Risk for Breast Cancer 
  • Testosterone therapy: The answer for aging men?
  • Are Steroids Worth the Risk?
  • Testosterone linked to lower death risk
  • Exporters of Testosterone
  • Testosterone Suppliers
  • Testosterone China Suppliers
  • Testosterone Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • A Reporter's Guide to Testosterone and its Role in Women's Health 
  • Hormones: A Guide for FTMs 
  • A Man's Guide to Testosterone Replacement and Anti Aging Therapies
  • Patient's Guide to Low Testosterone
  • How the Brain Triggers Hormone Production

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