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  • Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat.
  • It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive 
  • The surface of the paper is coated with a solid-state mixture of a dye and a suitable matrix
  • Combination of a fluoran leuco dye and octadecylphosphonic acid as an example
  • The surface of the paper is coated with a solid-state mixture of a dye and a suitable matrix
  • Combination of a fluoran leuco dye and octadecylphosphonic acid as an example.
  • When the matrix is heated above its melting point, the dye reacts with the acid,
  • Shifts to its colored form, and the changed form is then conserved in a metastable state when the matrix solidifies back quickly enough
  • The thermal printer requires the use of heat-sensitive paper which is also known as thermal paper.
  • It is a very fine paper with a glossy look and feel.
  • Thermal papers are also available in different colors.
  • There are blue, white, milky colors and others.
  • White thermal paper is commonly used.
  • But you can also see some businesses that are using other colors of thermal papers
  • A roll of thermal paper is inserted in between the thermal head and the rubber roll fed into the slot.
  • After this thermal printer transmit the current of electricity and the sheet reacts to the heat of the printer head this allow the thermal head to transmitted the heat in a specific pattern
  • Thermal paper is commonly used by retail organizations, restaurants, casinos, convenience stores, financial institutions, research foundations, etc.
  • For receipt paper, atm slips, gas pump receipts, slot machine tickets and other data processing purposes.
  • It is a special paper grade essential in our modern age of on demand printing and proof of purchase.
  • Thermal papers are one of the most used kinds of paper in our time.
  • As we withdraw money from the automatic teller machine purchase something we receive thermal papers in the form of receipts.
  • Thermal papers are not like your normal papers, they have this special coating of chemicals that allows them to display the ink in the heated part.
  • Thermal paper is used in
    four principal end markets
  • Point-of-sale products for retail receipts and coupons
  • Tag and tickets for airline and baggage applications, event and transportation tickets and lottery and gaming applications
  • Printer, calculator and chart products for engineering, industrial and medical diagnostic charts.
  • Point-of-sale products are sold to printers and converters who in turn sell to end-user customers or to resellers such as office supply stores, office superstores, warehouse clubs, mail order catalogs, equipment dealers, merchants and original equipment manufacturers.
  • Label products are sold to companies who apply pressure sensitive adhesive coatings and release liners and then sell these products to label printers.
  • Tag, ticket and chart grades are sold to specialty printing companies products such as entertainment, lottery and gaming tickets, tags, coupons and medical charts.
  • Thermal Paper
    Thermal Printing
  • Facts about thermal paper
  • Thermal paper and business needs
  • Thermal technology
  • Understanding what is thermal paper
  • Thermal paper description
  • Why thermal paper is better than other paper


  • About thermal papersenstivity
  • Choosing the right paper for your kiosk
  • Color label printing with monochrome direct thermal printers
  • Stock paper labels
  • Supertherm
  • Training thermal paper
  • Ultrasound paper


  • Thermal paper all grades
  • Ncr/at&t thermal paper
  • Thermal paper


  • Asbestos corrugated paper & thermal paper
  • Manual of use for thermanin
  • Jumbo thermal paper rolls
  • Torraspapel
  • Environmentally friendly recycled thermal paper for your business advantage
  • Secure guard
    thermal paper media
  • The risks in using thermal paper products


  • Development techniques on thermal paper
  • Processing thermal paper for fingerprints
  • Thermo script perfectly printed
  • Perfect coated papers india private limited
  • The process of thermal printers
  • Thermal paper
    for admission tickets
  • Thermal paper construction
  • Thermal paper today
  • Uses and processes of thermal paper

Plant & Machinery

  • Carbon less paper plant
  • Coating Supply System
  • Slitting Machinery
  • Gypsum board production line
  • List of Machinery suppliers
  • Heat Sensitive Paper production Line


  • Thermal paper
  • Thermo graphic Imaging Element
  • Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
  • Dispersion composition and recording material
  • Time-temperature indicators activated with direct thermal printing and methods for their production
  • Thermal and inkjet printer

Raw material

  • Fluoran
  • Leuco dyes
  • Encapsulated leucodye
  • Octadecylphosphonic acid
  • Thermochromic leuco dyes

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  • About paper coated products
  • Variable information printing
  • Formation of chlorinated derivatives
  • The history of thermal paper
  • Printing recommendations
  • What is thermal paper


  • The advantages of using thermal paper and printers
  • Benefits of using thermal paper
  • Benefits of thermal paper
  • Certain lightweight thermal paper
  • Machines that use thermal paper
  • Thermal paper uses
  • Why use thermal paper
  • Where is thermal paper used


  • Suppliers of China
  • Suppliers list of China
  • Suppliers of  Coimbatore
  • Suppliers of India
  • Jumbo rolls supplier
  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Suppliers of Mumbai
  • Suppliers list of Usa
  • Wholesale suppliers of Thermal paper

Company profiles

  • Company from Bangalore
  • Company from Chennai
  • Company from Chennai 1
  • Company from Chennai 2
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Delhi 1
  • Company from Germany
  • Company from Hyderabad
  • Company from India
  • Company from India1
  • Company from Mumbai


  • Consultancy from USA
  • Consultancy from Gujarat
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from Kerala
  • List of consultancy from Thermal paper
  • Consultancy from China
  • Paper mills Company
  • Appleton reports first quarter
  • Appleton applauds u.s. commerce department decision to sanction unfair
    imports of lightweight thermal paper from china and germany
  • Asahikasei corporation
  • Thermal bar code supplies
  • Environmentally preferable purchasing rapid research
  • The advantages of direct thermal printing
  • Understanding fetal monitoring
  • Securities and exchange commission
  • Thermal paper market heats up
  • Annual report of thermal paper



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