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  • A form of tobacco tooth powder traditionally used in India, in particular by women in state of Gujarat.
  • The tobacco tooth powder has the appearance of a fine dry powder and is typically applied to the teeth and gums.
  • Red tooth powder is a fine tobacco powder that is red in colour and contains many additional ingredients including herbs and
    flavouring agents.
  • A sub-category of oral smokeless tobacco products, traditionally used in Asia, that are applied to the teeth, during use.
  • Traditional forms like betel quid, tobacco with lime and tobacco tooth powder are, commonly used and the use of new products is
    increasing, not only among men but also among children, teenagers, women of reproductive age, medical and dental students.
  • Mishri is roasted tobacco powder that is applied as a toothpowder.
  • Tobacco alone (with aroma and flavourings) – e.g. Creamy or dry snuff, Gudakhu, Gul, Mishri, Red tooth powder.
  • The 1992 amendment to India’s Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 barred manufacturers from using tobacco as an ingredient in any
    toothpaste or toothpowder.
  • A laboratory test of five samples of red tooth powder that did not declare tobacco as an ingredient found a tobacco content of
    9.3-248 mg per gram of tooth powder.
General Information
  • Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheets
  • Description of Smokeless Tobacco Practices


  • Oral Cancer and Some Epidemiological Factors : A Hospital Based Study
  • Use of tobacco products as dentifrice among adolescents
    in India: questionnaire study
  • Analysis of Substance Abuse in Male Adolescents

Company Profiles & Consultancy

  • Company from New Delhi
  • Company from Tokyo
  • Consultancy from New Delhi


  • IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
  • Levels of toxins in oral tobacco products in the UK
  • Prevalence of Tobacco Use and Awareness of Risks
    Among School Children in Jaipur
  • Tobacco Control provides display of Specified health warnings on all tobacco products

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  • Smokeless Tobacco Products
  • Red tooth powder


  • Smokeless Tobacco Use: Typology, Prevalence and Implications
  • Tobacco use in a rural area of Bihar, India
  • Burden of Smokeless Tobacco India


  • Control and prevention of smokeless tobacco products and electronic cigarettes
  • India: Tobacco tooth powder news analysis
  • Oral health status in rural child population promotional and interventional strategies
  • Tobacco Control Campaign by Mobilizing Key Stakeholders in Rajasthan State
  • The scientific basis of tobacco product regulation
  • Tobacco use in India:
    An evil with many faces
  • Tobacco Use Practices


  • Tobacco tooth powder suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Tobacco tooth powder
  • Tobacco based Tooth Powder exporters

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