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  • VRLA is Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery and is the designation for maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.
  • Other frequently used names for VRLA cells & batteries are AGM – VRLA: Absorptive Glass Mat VRLA and Tubular Gel – VRLA.
  • VRLA batteries use much less electrolyte (battery acid) than traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • These batteries are often colloquially called sealed lead-acid batteries.
  • The primary distinction between the VRLA and the Flooded Cell is the quantity of electrolyte incased in each cell.
  • VRLA batteries are least expensive and can be more reliable than flywheels for the first few years but that reliability will be compromised without proper site design & care.
  • VRLA batteries can be either gel cell type or absorbent mat type in construction.
  • VRLA batteries are frequently employed in UPS or other high-rate applications.
  • Long duration applications such as telecommunications are not as well-suited to VRLA batteries.
  • VRLA batteries found in a typical remote configuration have a life expectancy of two to eight years, regardless of design life.
  • The advanced lead acid battery proposed for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles is a totally maintenance free design using the valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) technology.
  • VRLA batteries can be used in environments where flooded batteries typically cannot be used such as Huts, CEVs, and distributed cabinets.
  • VRLA batteries, are more reliable in controlled ambient applications.
  • VRLA batteries can present several technologies such as: 1.Absorbed glass mat battery, 2.Gel battery.
  • Batteries for uninterruptible power systems (UPS) are almost universally of the lead acid type and are of one of the following three technologies: 1. Vented (Flooded or Wet Cells), 2. Valve Regulated (VRLA), 3. Modular Battery Cartridges (MBC).
  • Perhaps one of the most promising and near term of all UPS battery technologies is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH).
  • The sealed VRLA battery technology is a closed system in which the quantity of electrolyte is limited, but the gases resulting from energy production are recombined to be reused instead of being released to the atmosphere.
  • GNB Technologies incorporates improvements in battery materials, manufacturing processes, and quality control.
  • VRLA batteries entered the market in the 1980s and were seen as the perfect solution for remote wireless sites.
  • VRLA batteries were first introduced into UPS applications in America and Europe in the 70’s because of their low maintenance requirements and high reliability over traditional flooded lead-acid.
  • The rapid growth in telecommunication and computer networks throughout the world during the 80’s created a huge market for this battery type.
  • Advances in VRLA batteries and rising gasoline prices over the past decade have made e-bikes increasingly competitive with gasoline scooters in price and performance.
  • Most of the world’s small VRLAs (<25Ah) are manufactured in Asia and exported around the world due to low labor costs, land cost, and loose environmental standards.
  • Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries continue to be the dominant battery technology that many of the telecommunications suppliers are  installing into their new and expanding power sites.
  • VRLA
  • Welcome To VRLA

Design and Process

  • Charging Algorithms for Increasing Lead Acid Battery Cycle Life for Electric Vehicles
  • Calculated Vs Actual Short Circuit for VRLA Batteries
  • Float Life Verification of a VRLA Battery utilizing a high purity electrochemical system
  • Gel-VRLA-Batteries- Basic Principles, Design, Features
  • Gel-VRLA-Batteries- Installation, Commissioning and Operation
  • Equalization Requirements for Series VRLA Batteries
  • Battery Storage for Supplementing renewable energy Systems
  • Avoiding thermal runaway in VRLA batteries: The Pure Lead-Tin Option
  • Thin electrodes based on rolled Pb–Sn–Ca grids for VRLA batteries


  • Battery Asset Management: VRLA ageing characteristics
  • Life Expectancy and Temperature
  • Performance characteristics of a gelled-electrolyte valve-regulated lead-acid battery
  • Thermal runaway behaviour of VRLA batteries

Company Profiles

  • Company in Andhra Pradesh
  • Company in China
  • Company in Coimbatore
  • Company in Florida
  • Company in Mumbai
  • Company in North America
  • Another Company in China


  • Separator in lead acid battery and manufacturing method therof
  • Catalyst design for VRLA batteries
  • Improved catalyst design for VRLA batteries
  • Method for making valve-regulated lead acid battery with vacuum draw down

Project and Consultants

  • Field test data and Examination of VRLA battery cells
  • Stationary VRLA Battery Evaluations: Internal  Measurements and Capacity test
  • Charging Algorithm Extends the Life of Lead-acid Batteries
  • Consultant in California
  • Consultant in Andhra Pradesh, India


  • VRLA Battery Technology
  • Battery Technology for Data Centers and Network Rooms : Site Planning
  • Batteries Technology Description
  • New UPS battery technology combines ‘wet cell’ high reliability with ‘sealed battery’ ease of installation
  • Battery technology moves from power stations to the open road
  • Battery Electricity Storage for Quality Power
  • Techniques for the Formation of VRLA Batteries
  • Challenges for VRLA Separator Technology

Turnkey Suppliers

  • Turnkey Supplier in Austria
  • Turnkey Supplier in Bangalore
  • Another Turnkey Supplier in Bangalore
  • Turnkey Supplier in Pennyslvannia
  • Turnkey Supplier in Uttar Pradesh
  • Industrial Batteries - AGM VRLA Batteries
  • Douglas Guardian® VRLA Batteries
  • Emerson VRLA Battery
  • msEndur™
  • Marathon
  • pbq VRLA Batteries
  • MC - MCG Series
  • PRC & TC VRLA Batteries
  • Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries
  • UMTB VRLA Batteries for Wireless Standby Power
  • Dynasty VRLA batteries and their Applications
  • The Role of Batteries in Cell Site Survivability
  • Development of commercial prototype advanced valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles
  • Real World Effects on VRLA Batteries in Float Applications
  • The Successful Use of VRLA Batteries in Solar Telecommunications Applications
  • VRLA batteries in photovoltaic energy storage systems for telecom applications
  • Front Terminal 10-year life VRLA batteries
  • UPS Battery Design Using VRLA Batteries in High Availability Applications
  • Separators for Motorcycle Batteries in Asia
  • Battery Battle
  • Clash Of The Titans
  • Lead-acid and Lithium-ion Batteries for the Chinese Electric Bike Market and Implications on Future Technology Advancement
  • The Role of Batteries in Cell Site Survivability - VRLA battery management can be a logistics nightmare
  • TAFE Power sets up third unit
  • Automotive batteries account for 30% of turnover' — Interview with Mr Jayadev Galla, Executive Director, Amara Raja Batteries
  • The Facts about VRLA Stationary Batteries
  • Technical Manual AGM VRLA Batteries
  • Examination of VRLA Cells Sampled from a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) after 30-Months of Operation
  • Panasonic brings the first Super Life lead-acid batteries
  • VRLA Batteries: Reflections on and Realities
  • Power and Battery Plant Coordination in the telecom Environment
  • Summary of Electrical Test Results for VRLA Batteries
  • Battery Testing For Photovoltaic Applications
  • Valve regulated lead-acid batteries: Leading the field in energy storage systems
  • Taking another look at the 20-year battery Warranty
Suppliers and Buyers
  • VRLA Batteries China Suppliers
  • Manufacturers of VRLA Batteries
  • VRLA Batteries Suppliers
  • VRLA Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Battery Component Import Businesses in the World
  • Eurobat Guide
  • Monitoring of VRLA Batteries Guidelines

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