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Information profile @ a Glance
  • wax emulsion is really a dispersion of solid wax particles in a continuous phase of water
  • A wax emulsion consists of wax, surfactants and water. Other ingredients may be added as preservatives or to help stabilize the dispersion
  • Wax emulsions are used in the manufacture of paper, paperboard and boxboard. It is also used in the production of insulating board, hardboard and particleboard in the building products industry.
  • Wax emulsions are used to coat the surfaces of fruits to reduce moisture loss, extend storage life, impart gloss and protect the fruit from decay.
  • In paper coatings, the wax emulsion is added to the coating mixture to reduce dusting  during calendaring, to increase water repellency, to improve flexibility and to raise gloss.
  • When used as sizing in paper, the wax emulsion helps prevent aqueous solutions, such as ink, from soaking into the paper and paperboard. The emulsion is added continuously to the beater after the rosin size and alum and preferably just ahead of the paper machine.

Basic Information

  • About wax emulsions

  • Applications

Companies & Products

  • Manufacturer of specialty waxes

  • Additives to paper coatings

  • Water based Emulsions

  • Company products for varied applications

  • Industrial Grades

Trade Scenario
  • Manufacturers & exporters
  • Industrial applications
  • Wax Recovery
  • Wax recovery potential
  • Wax Additives for Industrial Applications
  • Wax Resist Emulsions
  • Wood properties
Project & Technology Information
  • Wax Emulsion Process Flow Diagram
  • Manufacturing Plant offer
  • Wax Emulsion equipments
  • Homogenizer
  • Technology source
  • Cold process able
  • Hydrolysis of Wax-Esters in Emulsions
  • Equipments for manufacturing
  • Polymer emulsion manufacturing plant
  • Ultrasonic equipments
  • Consultant
  • Consultant India
  • Consultant - New Zealand


  • Wax Emulsion
  • Coating applications
  • Paper product and method there for using molten wax suspension

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