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  • For the production of the value-added products, dyed yarn is the key element. The processed yarn is converted into fabric which is used in garments and other textile made ups.
  • Due to capital intensive nature, the number of yarn and fabric processing units established in Pakistan are not sufficient to cater to the growing demand of dyed yarn.
  • The most commonly used processes for imparting color to cotton are piece dyeing and yarn dyeing.
  • Finishing, as the term implies, is the final step in fabric production. Hundreds of finishes can be applied to textiles, and the methods of application are as varied as the finishes.
  • The pretreatment is to remove coloring matter and the impurities introduced during the fiber and yarn spinning and weaving processes, such as spinning oils, antistatic agents, lubricants.
  • The textile dyeing and finishing sector uses large volumes of water and substantial quantities of
    complex chemicals.
  • The market for rayon is fundamentally different from all other textile fiber markets. Prices are made by the eighteen rayon producers in this country in the form of list prices. These cover the very large range of different sizes of yarns, together with all the combinations of luster, quality, type of put-up or package, etc.
  • Only for wool and spun rayon are there important markets
    intermediary between the raw fiber and yarn.
  • Wastes occurring at any stage
    prior to the actual spinning of the yarn are termed 'soft'
  • Air Jet Spinning of cotton yarns
  • Dyeing & Finishing Process
  • Dyeing and Finishing of Woven and Knitted Fabrics
  • Dyeing & Finishing Woven Fabrics of Ingeo™ Fiber
  • Pollution prevention in the Textile Industry within the Mediterranean region
  • Processing Advice of Bleaching/Dyeing/Finishing
  • Reference for Spinning, Dyeing and Finishing of milk fiber
  • The Textile Industry and Environment
  • Textile Yarn Dyeing - Tips & techniques
  • Water and Chemicals use in the textile dyeing and finishing industry
  • Dyeing & Finishing Knitted Goods from Filament Yarns


  • Consultants from India
  • Consultants from New Delhi
  • Consultants from Pakistan
  • Consultants from South Carolina
  • Consultants from UK
  • Consultants from Switzerland
  • Consultants from Haryana
  • Consultants from Manchester

Plant & Manufacturer

  • Yarn Dyeing Machine Manufacturer
  • Plant from Taiwan
  • Plant from North Carolina
  • Plant from China
  • Plant from India
  • Plant from Iran
  • Plant from South Africa
  • Plant from Punjab
  • Plant from Tainan
  • China Plant from Shanghai
Raw Material & Machinery Suppliers
  • Dyes
  • Yarn Dyeing and Finishing
  • Pressure Dryer
  • Yarn Dyeing and Finishing Global Suppliers
  • Dyeing and Finishing for textile fiber and yarn
  • Rewinding Machine
  • Wide range of dyeing and finishing machinery
  • Precision Winder


  • Process for dyeing and finishing fibrous material
  • Yarn finish formulation
  • Auxiliary yarn dyeing mechanism
  • Continuous yarn dyeing machines
  • Method of dyeing a corespun yarn and dyed corespun yarn
  • Process for dyeing yarn hanks


  • Cotton Yarn Project
  • Project profile on the establishment of Polyester fabrics producing plant
  • Pre-Feasibility study of Yarn Dyeing & Finishing Unit


  • Dyeing and Finishing Textiles,
    Except Wool Fabrics and Knit
  • Cleaner Production in Textile Sector: Asian Scenario
  • Market Diversification of the Lesotho Garment Industry
  • Textile Markets: Their Structure in Relation to Price Research
  • The US Market for Technical Textiles

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