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  • Ziploc is a brand of disposable, re useable zipper storage bags and containers originally developed by Dow Chemical Company, and now produced by S. C. Johnson & Son.
  •  According to Dow's website, the bags were originally test marketed in 1968.
  • The bags and containers come in different sizes for use with different products.
  • The brand offers sandwich bags, snack bags and other bags for various purposes.
  • One-gallon, two-gallon, and quart size bags are offered, as well as freezer bags and very large bags for storage.
  • The resalable and reusable features of zip lock bags is a positive environmental factor.
  • Encouraging the responsible use and disposal of plastic Zip lock Bags is required
  • Recycling of plastic bags is not available everywhere; however, many grocery stores throughout United States collect plastic bags for recycling.
  • Many web sites provide the public, municipalities and businesses a means to identify grocery stores and recovery facilities that collect plastic bags for recycling.
  • Ziploc bag making machine comprising a casing, a motor, a suction mouth,. Then, turn on the switch to drive the motor to make the vanes rotate to proceed vacuuming. 
  • Ziploc is Ideal for storing linens, off seasonal clothing, camping gear, toys and seasonal decorations, Perfect for staying organized on the go, in the car or during a move, Great for the garage for organizing tools, fishing gear or gardening supplies, Perfect for storing even your bulkiest items while helping to protect them from moisture, dust and pests, Expand as needed to fit where totes won't go. 
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  • Formed stacking element integral with plastic storage bags
  • Process for micro perforating zippered film useful for manufacturing
  • Method and apparatus for making reclosable bags having slider-actuated string zippers


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Company Profiles
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