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  • Radium is a radioactive element that occurs naturally in very low concentrations (about one part per trillion) in the earth’s crust.
  • Radium in its pure form is a silvery-white heavy metal that oxidizes immediately upon exposure to air
  • Radium was first discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie, and it served as the basis for identifying the activity of various radionuclide.
  • Radium-226 is a radioactive decay product in the uranium-238 decay series and is the precursor of radon-222.
  • Radium-228 is a radioactive decay product in the thorium-232 decay series.
  • Radium-226 is the only radium isotope used commercially. Historically, the main use of radium has been as a component in luminous paint used on the dials of watches, clocks, and other instruments, although it is no longer used for Radium this purpose.
  • Urine tests can determine if you have been exposed to radium.
  • Another test measures the amount of radon (a break­down product of radium) in exhaled air. Both types of tests require special equipment and cannot be done in a doctor’s office.
  •  These tests cannot tell how much radium you were ex­posed to, nor can they be used to predict whether you will develop harmful health effects.
  • It is in powder form. Generally used for stickers for wall in homes, dials of watch, textile printing, stickers, notice boards on road. Range of colours:Green,Blue,violet.
  • You can reduce radioactivity in your
    drinking water by selecting one of the following options:
  • 1.Hook up to a municipal water system if this option is available.
  • 2.Install a water softener or ion exchange water treatment system (known as a point-of-entry system).
  • 3.For the average home, this is usually the most feasible and cost effective method
    of reducing radioactivity in drinking water.
  • 4.Install a point of use ion exchange treatment system and use this water for drinking and food preparation.
  • Radium is classified as an "Alkaline Earth Metals" which are located in group2 elements of the periodic table.
  • An element classified as an Alkaline Earth Metals are found in the earth's crust, but not in the element form as they are so reactive.




  • General Information
  • Health Information
  • Radium
  • Radium Manual
  • The Periodic Table Of Radium
  • A Brief History Of Standard Chemical Company


  • A key element in
    early cancer treatment
  • Early use of radium in the united states
  • Medical Use of Radium-223


  • Potential for human exposure
  • The Us Radium Corporation Facility
  • Radium in Ground Water from Public-Water Supplies
    in Northern Illinois


  • Supplier from china
  • Supplier1 from India
  • Supplier2 from India
  • Supplier3 from India
  • Supplier from Mumbai

Company Profile

  • Company from Delhi
  • Company1 from India
  • Company2 from India
  • Company3 from India
  • Company4 from India


  • Radium Rad Disk
  • Radium
  • Radium-225 dihydride
  • Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)
  • Radium-226


  • Radium-226
  • Consumer Products Containing
    Radioactive Materials
  • Radium-226 and Radium-228


  • The Effect Of Radium Emanation On The Pancreas Of Dogs
  • Health Consultation
  • The Interpretation Of Radium
  • New perspectives on radium behavior within a subterranean estuary


  • Data on Uranium and
    Radium in Ground Water
    in the United States
    1954 to 1957



  • Radium nasopharyngeal applicator
  • Processes for extraction of uranium and radium from uranium-containing ores using ferric nitrate
  • Radium power pack and system for generating power
  • Radium selective media and method for manufacturing
  • Method of precipitating radium to yield high purity calcium sulfate from phosphate ores


  • Conditioning and
    interim storage of
    spent radium sources
  • Evaluations Of Radionuclide Of Uranium,Thorium,And Radium Associated With Produced Fluids,Precipitates And Sludges From Oil,Gas And Oilfieldbraine Injections Wells In Mississippi
  • Radium in Humans
  • Radium Isotope Systematics in Nature
  • The Radiochemistry
    of Radium
  • Radium Gauge Dose
  • Toxicological Profile For Radium


  • Remove Radium Efficiently with DOWEX™ Radium Selective Complexer Resin
  • Radioactivity in Drinking Water
  • Radium Removal and Disposal in Wisconsin
  • Standard Chemical Company
  • Radium Removal
    from Potable Water


  • 9 Ways People Used Radium Before We Understood The Risks
  • The Radium Dial Worker Tragedy
  • Health Effects of Radium Radiation Exposure
  • Health Effects
  • The Effect Of Radium Rays On Metabolism And Growth In Seeds


  • Fundamentals of Radium and Uranium Removal from Drinking Water Supplies
  • Radium
  • Radium Dial Painters
  • Effective Radium Removal
    with HMO
  • The Saga of the Radium Dial Painters
  • Technical Application
  • The Radium Girls -Dialing Up Trouble

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