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  • Glass recycling is the process of turning waste glass into usable products.
  • Glass containers are 100 percent recyclable and can be made into new glass containers infinitely.
  • Producing glass from recycled glass requires 30 percent less energy than producing glass from raw materials.
  • Recycled glass is substituted for up to 70% of raw materials used in making new glass.
  • An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles.
  • Glass can be recycled again and again with no loss in quality or purity.
  • In 2006, the scrap recycling industry processed 3.5 million tons of glass.
  • For every ton of glass that is recycled to make new glass products 693 pounds of carbon dioxide is saved.
  • Not all glass is recyclable; the glass in light bulbs, cook ware and window panes are not recyclable due to the additives added to the glass such as ceramics and other impurities that would contaminate the recycling process.
  • Glass recycling is just one way to help the environment but is a very important factor.
  • Ninety percent of recycled glass is used to make new containers, and the demand for quality cullet is greater than the supply.
  • Recycled glass generally requires less energy to process and costs less than materials typically used in glassmaking shops.
  • The glass recycling process produces a crushed-glass product called cullet.
  • Cullet is often mixed with virgin glass materials to produce new products.
  • Recycled glass is used to make new glass containers and bottles.
  • However, to ensure that the recycled glass is safe and of a high quality, it is important that the glass used for recycling is not contaminated.
  • If the cullet contains any form of contamination such as metal, ceramic or stone, the new glass will have faults or weaknesses that may jeopardise the durability and safety of the new glass container.
  • Glass containers and bottles suitable for recycling are collected and taken to the local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). At the MRF the glass is separated according to colour.
  • In Australia, most glass produced contains a substantial proportion of recycled glass.
  • There are significant environmental and economic benefits from recycling glass, therefore it is important to recycle glass correctly to avoid contamination.
  • Recycled glass is also used as building aggregate, in water filtration and for building materials.
  • Different types of glass can be recycled, but only container glass can be turned into furnace-ready cullet and only container
    glass is accepted in municipal curbside recycling programs.
  • Glass container recycling has been having variable success in recent years.
  • Glass Recycling has been around in the US since glass has been used in the manufacturing of containers for almost 100 years.
  • In Canada, for instance, more than one million tonnes of container glass is produced per annum. The total mass of recycled glass amounts to only 300,000 tonnes.
General Information
  • Glass Recycling
  • Glass Recycling Challenges
  • About glass recycling
  • Glass recycling general criteria
  • The glass recycling cycle
  • Glass recycling process including glass bottle recycling
  • The Scrap Recycling Industry: Recycled Glass
  • Recycle at work: Glass


  • Post-Consumer Container Glass
    Remelting Process Assessment
  • Feasibility Study for the Reduction of Colour within the Glass Furnace
  • Recycling Glass
  • Reuse/Recycle of glass cullet for non container uses
  • Glass recycling
  • Glass Recycling Through Curbside Collection and Container Deposit Legislation
  • How we recycle glass bottles and jars
  • Post consumer container glass remelting process assessment
  • An Overview of Glass Production and Recycling
  • How glass is recycled


  • Glass recycling system
  • Apparatus for recycling glass containers
  • Recycling container
  • Support system for recycling glass material
  • Method and device for recycling coated glass
  • Method for recycling waste glass and recycled glass
  • Method for recycling glass

Company Profiles

  • Company from Auckland
  • Company from South Africa
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Tokyo
  • Company from Florida

Consultancy & Plant

  • Consultancy from UK
  • Another consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from London
  • Consultancy from England
  • Consultancy from USA
  • Consultancy from Surrey, UK
  • Consultancy from Cumbria, UK
  • Another consultancy from London
  • Plant From Japan
  • Plant from England
  • Plant from USA

Fact Sheet

  • Recycling Glass
  • Glass recycling fact sheet
  • Recycle Glass preserve the environment
  • Glass - Just the facts
  • Fact Sheet - Glass Recycling
  • Recycling Glass Fact Sheet
  • Glass - Recycle glass facts


  • Five reasons to recycle glass
  • The Householder's Guide to Recycling Glass
  • Glass Recycling
  • Glass Recycling Handbook
  • Glass recycling - Tips and Guidelines

Safety and Uses

  • Glass recycling begins with precycling
  • Glass recycling and reuse
  • Glass recycling information Sheet
  • Recycling of crushed glass in to coating products
  • Glass Recycling
  • Glass Recycling Uses and benefits
  • Life cycle analysis : Glass Recycling
  • Recycled Glass in Art Glass Applications


  • Colourite Project Maximising Cullet Additions in the Glass Container Industry
  • To demonstrate commercial viability of incorporating ground glass in bricks with reduced emissions and energy savings
  • Minimising the Environmental impact of GLASS recycling and glass container production


  • Evaluation of fracture behaviors in glass containers by using explosive energy
  • Tips for successful single bin Recycling
  • Small Scale Glass Recycling
  • Container Glass Recycling in the Barmac VSI


  • Glass recycling Market report
  • Recycling in container glass production: present problems in European glass industry
  • Assessment of the International
    Trading Markets for Recycled
    Container Glass and their
    Environmental Implications
  • Glass containers
  • Markets for Recovered Glass
  • The Recycling Status of Container Glass


  • Recovery and Recycling of
    Waste Glass Bottles in Hong Kong
  • Glass Mountains: Options for Glass Recycling in Otago
  • Best management Practices for glass recycling in Northern Colorado
  • Glass recycling is taking off in KC
  • Lancashire Company Offers
    Solution To Glass Cullet Shortage
  • Recycle glass week
  • Recycling Glass Containers Options Workgroup

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Cullet Suppliers
  • Exporters of Cullet
  • Cullet Manufacturers and Suppliers

Equipment Suppliers

  • Recycling Equipment Suppliers
  • Glass Crusher Model 318 Suppliers
  • Exporters and suppliers of recycling equipments


  • Recycled Glass Container Suppliers
  • Recycled glass containers Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Selling leads of recycled glass containers

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