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  • The outermost layer of the paddy grain is the rice husk, also called rice hull.
  • Burning rice husk produce drice husk ash (RHA), if the burning process is incomplete carbonized rice husk (CRH) is produced.
  • Rice husk is a difficult biomass fuel compared with wood and bagasse, due to high silica content of rice husk ash.
  • The most commonly used technologies in Asia are travelling grate, reciprocating step grate system and Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) system.
  • Cyclonic Combustion System and Circulated Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) system are also used in rice husk power plants.
  • Rice husk is produced centrally at rice mills and has low moisture content since the paddy is dried to 14% or less before milling.
  • Rice husk ash is mainly used in the steel industry as an insulator in the manufacture of high quality steel forgings. This allows forged steel to cool
    down gradually.
  • Rice husk ash is also used in cement industries as a substitute to portland cement. Research work is also going on regarding silica chip manufacture as the silica content of the ash is very high. Boiler suppliers who can guarantee high quality rice husk ash are in demand in Asia.
  • A large rice-husk power generation plant coming up at the north-western Thakurgaon district of Bangladesh will generate 400 KWh of electricity mainly for small and medium sized rice mills.
  • If 150,000 telecom towers are ‘solarised’, there will be 450 million litres of diesel saved annually. There can also be daytime mitigation of diesel
    consumption through solar applications (typically, for irrigation water pumps): 1,000 MW of avoided diesel power capacity saves 400 million litres of diesel per year. And if 2,000 plants generate power using rice husk as fuel, it will result in 100 million litres of diesel saved.
  • The annual production of rice husk is approximately 4.6 million tons.
  • The husk price is reviewed
    from previous research. The husk price was reported in the range of 100–200 THB t 1
    . Jungingern reported that husk prices have varied in the past between 56 and 216 THB t 1, though 324 THB t 1 in times of extreme rice husk scarcity.
  • Commercially proven rice husk electric power systems in the U.S. depend primarily
    on captive feedstocks of 83,000-112,000 M.T./year
  • The prototype of the gasifier fueled a 10-20 horsepower engine, using 20-25 kg of
    rice husk per hour and producing 33 cubic
    meters of gas per hour.
  • The best estimate on costs for transporting rice husk was provided bythe faculty of Bogor Agricultural University as 200 Rp/M.T./kilometer in two-ton loads with a haul distance of five kilometers.
About the Process
  • About Rice Husk
  • Carbonized Rice Hull 
  • An Assessment of the Possibilities for Transfer of European Biomass Gasification Technology to China
  • Gasification of Rice Husk for Small Scale Power Generation
  • Improvement of Rice Husk and  coconut shell properties for enhancement of gasification process
  • A process development for gasification of rice husk
  • Pyrolysis of rice husk
  • Gasifying Rice Husks

Design Equipments

  • 3 Burner Rice husk Gasifier
  • Continuous-Flow Rice Husk Gasifier for Small-Scale Thermal Applications (19kW)
  • Basic Design of a fluidized bed gasifier for Rice Husk on a pilot scale
  • Dual - Reactor Rice Husk Gasifier for 6-Ton capacity recirculation type paddy dryer
  • Facilities of gasification
  • Dual Reactor rice husk gasifier with gas pipe burner
  • Rice Husk Gasifier
  • Rice husk gas stove handbook
  • Industrial application of GP gasifier
  • Study on performance of biomass gasifier-engine systems and their environmental aspects
  • Rice Husk Dryer
  • Super Turbo Rice Husk Quasi Gasifier Stove
  • A fluid bed gasifier/ Engine system using rice hulls
  • Utilizing rice husk based on life
    cycle cost analysis

Pilot Projects

  • Biomass Based Power Project
  • Pre-feasibility study of Demonstration Rice Husk-fired Power Plant in China
  • Biomass Gasification In Indonesia
  • 5 MW Rice Husk Fired Power Plant
  • Rural Electrification with rice husk gasifier
  • 2MW rice husk gasification power generation project


  • Bihar Village now get green electricity
  • Literature Survey of Biomass Gasification Technologies
  • Converting waste agricultural biomass into a resource
  • Gasification technology for substitution of furnace oil in reheating furnaces of rolling mills
  • Small-Scale Biomass Gasifiers for Heat and Power
  • Stoves for rice husk and other fine residues
  • Village electrification using 100% rice husk powered gasifier system
  • Japanese Technology


  • Fast Pyrolysis of Rice Husk
  • Rice Husk Bio-char
  • Properties of Rice Husk Biochar
  • Techno-economics of rice husk pyrolysis
  • Biomass Gasifier Plants
  • Pyrolysis of Rice Husk in a Fixed Bed Reactor
  • Kinetics of Pyrolysis of Rice Husk
  • Pyrolysis oil refinery

Equipment Suppliers

  • Biomass Gasifier Complete Set of Equipment
  • Rice Husk Gasification generating system suppliers
  • Rice Husk Gasification selling leads
  • Rice Husk Gasification global suppliers
  • Rice Husk Gasifiers Product suppliers
  • Rice Husk Crushing/Composting plant


  • Applying Rice Husk as Feedstock for Power Generation in Indonesia
  • Use of Rice Husks as Fuel in Process Steam Boilers
  • Hydrogen Generation by Gasification of Rice Husks
  • Lust-Land -use: Synergies and trade-off between energy and food production
  • Development of Rice-husk Furnaces for Grain Drying


  • Consultant from Thailand
  • Consultant from Philippines
  • Consultant from Massachusetts
  • Consultant from Orissa
  • Consultant from Colorado
  • International Consultant

Turnkey Plants

  • Plants from Arkansas
  • Plants from Bangladesh
  • Plants from USA
  • Plants from Thailand
  • Plants from Japan
  • Plants from India


  • Method of Biomass Gasification
  • Method for fusion treating a solid waste for gasification
  • Process and apparatus for biomass gasification
  • Highly activated carbon from caustic digestion of rice hull ash and method
  • Air fuel mixing device for producer gas


  • Rice husk power to light up villages
  • A Case Study on a Rice Husk Cogeneration Power Plant
  • “India is a leader in Biomass Gasification technology” – True? Realizable?
  • The status of biomass gasification in Thailand and Cambodia
  • Students Invent Rice Husk Gasifier For Rural Indian Village Power
  • Validation Report of a Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Biomass Gasifier Power Plant Project in the north-
    Indian State of Bihar


  • An economic analysis of biomass gasification and
    power generation in China
  • Rice Husk Gasification Market News
  • Energy & Amorphous silica production from rice husk
  • Financial viabilities of husk-fueled steam engines as an energy-saving technology in Thai rice mills
  • Potential for private investment in rice residue power generation
  • Renewable energies as big business opportunities?
  • Philrice promotes UC-Davis fuel-efficient rice hull gasifier


  • Rice Husk Exporters
  • Rice Husk Sellers
  • Rice Husk Selling leads
  • Rice Husk Manufacturer & Suppliers

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