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  • Sandalwood is a medium sized evergreen tree with almost drooping branches dark rough bark and sweet scented, fragrant mature wood. Sandalwood is very much indigenous to India. It is cultivated in the states of Karnataka & Tamilnadu and also grows wild in forests of southern India.
  • This species is widely scattered in China, India, Indonesia (Timor, Sumba and Flores and planted in Java and Bali), the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Philippines and Australia.
  • Sandalwood yields an essential oil. This oil is used to produce soaps, perfumes incense stick cosmetics, beauty aids, medicines. High priced decorative dolls & ornamental pieces are made out of Sandalwood. 
  • Over 90 per cent of India's sandalwood is grown in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • USA and France are the two largest importers of Indian sandalwood oil. The market in the Soviet Union has collapsed and imports into the Middle East are increasing.
Content Headlines on CD ROM
  • Santalum
  • Santalum Album
  • Sandalwood History
  • Sandalwood tree
  • April Aromatics
  • Herb Information
  • Sandalwood
  • East Indian Sandalwood
Growth And Cultivation
  • History of human Impact on the genus Santalum
  • Sandalwood in Pacific
  • Growth of Sandalwood
  • Species Profile
  • Plantation Development
  • Grafting Sandalwood in Vanuatu
  • The Avon Sandalwooder
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Caswell Products
  • Globlush Sandalwood Products
  • Karnataka Online Products
  • Royal Sandalwood Natural Incense
  • Sandalwood statues
  • Cosmetics
  • Chips & Oil Samples
  • Sandalwood Moisturizer
Herbal  And Medicinal Use
  • New Zealand Health Network
  • Skills in Beauty Therapy
  • Epitome Of Excellence
  • Medicinal Use
  • Home Remedies
  • Bronchitis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Home Remedies For Cystitis
  • Cystitis Treatment
  • Urinary Antiseptics
  • Indian Suppliers of Sandalwood
  • Indian Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil Suppliers
  • Directory Of Indian Suppliers
  • Sandalwood Tradeleads
  • Wholesalers


  • Sandalwood seeds
  • Go4 World business
  • Global buyers Online
  • Sandalwood Products Buyers
  • Foreign Importers & Buyers
  • Trade key
  • Indian Trade leads
Projects And Reports
  • Sandalwood Project 2006
  • ITC Sandalwood Project 2006
  • Roundup
  • Pacific Island Countries
  • TFS Report
  • Media Release
  • Sandalwood Grower Lifts Profits
  • Sandalwood Workshop
Company Profiles
  • Australian sandalwood oil Company
  • Gupta Company
  • Eden Company
  • Naresh International
Market Details
  • Sandalwood Research Newsletter
  • Forestry- An Exotic Investment
  • Environment And Forests Department
  • India Loses Its Sandalwood Market
  • Politics And Economics Of Sandalwood
More Information
  • TED Case Studies
  • Sweet Smell Of Success
  • Points to be noted
  • Bibliography
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