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 All About Science Fair

  • Science fair guide - resources for students
  • Getting Started
  • Recommended Guidelines
  • How To Get Started
  • Prepare for Science fair
  • Guide to Science fair projects
  • Projects to choose
  • What Makes a Good Science Fair Project
  • Science fair basics
  • Conducting psychological research for science fairs
  • California State Science Fair
  • Los Angeles Science Fair

Study Materials

  • Everyday Science
  • All About science projects
  • Science projects Teaching Materials
  • Science project rules
  • science fair ideas
  • Benefits of Science fair
  • Statistical thinking for science fair
  • Experimental Science Projects Guide

Chemistry projects 

  • Solar Hot Dog Cooker
  • Peanut Power
  • Battery Life
  • Balloon in a Bottle
  • Anti-Gravity Go - A Self-Siphoning Gel
  • Fruit Battery
  • DNA Model
  • Creating own Water Cycle

 Video Files

  • Balancing Nails - Video file
  • Balloon in a bottle - Video file
  • A Self-Siphoning Gel - Video file
  • Soda Mentos - video file
  • Experiment Growing Bacteria in Agar Petri Dishes - video file
  • Fire Makers- video file
  • Instant Worms - Video File
  • Dry Ice Experiment - Video file
  • Pumpkin fun - Video file
  • Halloween science - Video file

Information Profile @ a Glance

  • The background of Science Fair history really began when E.W. Scripps created Science Services as a nonprofit organization in 1921. The purpose was to bridge the gap between scientific achievement and the publicís knowledge of such achievement
  • In 1999 Science Service partnered with Discovery Communications, Inc and launched the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC), a program that celebrates the abilities of 5th - 8th grade science fair winners. Another marker in Science Fair history
  • Science Fair can arguably be the largest academic undertaking of a student's school career, yet to date, there are few resources that provide students with a method to work step-by-step through their projects.
  • In the United States, the largest annually held science fair is the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
  • science fairs first became popular in the early 1950s, with the ISEF, then known as the National Science Fair.
  • CWSF is an annual science fair in Canada held by the Youth Science Foundation of Canada. It is at the highest level of competition in Canada, and approximately 400 projects are judged at the fair.
  • The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) is the 21st century science fair that challenges students to use information technology tools to discover and explore the future of science and engineering.
  • South India Science Fair succeeds in simplifying science - From the prototype of a battery operated vehicle that could be used to flush out naxals in dense forests, a bicycle with nine functions, and tsunami and earthquake warning systems to demonstration of the recycling of wastes.


Physics Projects

  • Build your Own Magnetometer
  • Great Space Exploration
  • Mission Science
  •  Electromagnet
  • Nanotechnology school kit
  • Wind Speed Indicator
  • Oatmeal Box Pinhole Camera
  • Static Electricity

Experimental Projects

  • Caffeine Extraction Lab
  • Light producing chemical reaction
  • CyberFair - Battery Power
  • Lemon Power
  • Air Battery
  • Wooden Generator

Innovative Projects

  • Craft and Technology
  • How to make puzzles
  • Matchstick Models and Science Experiments
  • Extracting Onion DNA
  • Make A Thermometer
  • Winter Sleep
  • Colour changes in leaf

Science Projects

  • Digital Science Experience
  • Balancing Nails
  • Science puzzles
  • Science with kite
  • Solar energy science projects
  • Science fair projects
  •  Make a Turbine
  • Experiment Growing Bacteria in Agar Petri Dishes
Environmental Projects
  • Climate and Green House Effect
  • Green House Effect
  • Plant cutting and plant hormones
  • Flower Experimental projects
  • Plants grow better in soil or water
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Steamboat Power
  • why is sky - blue

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