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  • Propylheptanol is a mixture of isomeric decyl alcohols: 2-propylheptanol, 4-methyl-2-propylhexanol and 5-methyl-2-propylhexanol.
  • It is a clear and colorless, high boiling liquid with a mild characteristic odor. It is miscible with most common organic solvents but has very low water solubility.
  • 2-Propylheptyl alcohol is "oxoalcohol", meaning that it is produced from the hydroformylation ("oxo synthesis") of C9 alkenes followed by hydrogenation of the resulting aldehyde. The production route is similar to that for tripropylene.
  • 2-propylheptanol (2-PH), which is derived from valeraldehyde. World consumption of valeraldehyde will grow at the highest rate of all oxo chemicals, largely as a result of the commissioning of 2-PH capacity in Europe and China starting in late 2009 and continuing into 2013.
  • Demand for oxo chemicals in the United States is expected to grow moderately, at an average annual rate of almost 2% during 2008–2013. The long-term prospects for oxo chemicals in Western Europe improved considerably during 2005–2008, as consolidations and capacity reductions resulted in improved efficiencies and capacity utilization.
  • Demand for plasticizer alcohols largely follows the patterns of the leading world economies. The major end-use markets include construction/remodeling, automotive production and original equipment manufacture (OEM).


  • C10 Guerbet alcohol
    ethoxylates – performance, applications and
    intelligent blending
  • Oxo-Alcohols
  • Pyrolysis of poly(2-propylheptyl acrylate)


  • C10 Oxo Alcohols (92S1)
  • Enhancement of Industrial
    Hydroformylation Processes by the Adoption of Rhodium-Based Catalyst
  • C4 Chemistry: A Growth Driver in Our Portfolio
  • Evonik Plasticiser Alcohol 2-PH Plant
  • First plants of BASF-YPC expansion come onstream


  • BASF moves closer to markets to cope with competition from low-cost product
  • Oxo Chemicals
  • Plasticizer Alcohols (C4-C13)


  • 1-Heptanol, 2-propyl-
  • Propylheptanol
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
    for 2-Propylheptanol


  • 2-propylheptanol
  • Palatinol® DPHP- I
    Technical Data Sheet Di-2 propyl heptyl Phthalate
    (stabilized with 0.1% Topanol CA)
  • Propylheptanol Technical Data

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  • 2-propyl-1-heptanol
  • Propylheptyl alcohol
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  • Plant from Germany
  • Perstorp announces significant investment in new production plant


  • Consultant from Delhi
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  • Global Consultant


  • C10/C7 ester mixtures based on -propylheptanol
  • Cosmetic Compositions Comprising Esters Based on 2-Propylheptanol
  • Reaction products of 2-propylheptanol with 1-halogen-2,3-epoxypropanes and 1-hydroxy-2,3-epoxypropane
  • 2-propylheptanol and its esters
  • Process for preparing (Meth) Acrylates of C10 - Alcohol Mixtures


  • 2-propylheptanol Suppliers
  • 2-propylheptanol Manufacturers


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